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Vegetation by Mark LaFlamme


by Mark LaFlamme

280 pages
A man at war with the world of plants.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book Dean Koontz, John Saul, and Stephen King combined. Yes, LaFlamme is THAT good..." -- Betty Dravis, author of '1106 Grand Boulevard' & 'The Toonies.'

Bertram Luce did a remarkable job concealing the murder of his wife. His story was unshakable, his alibis sound. No human eyes witnessed the atrocity and Luce went on his way, wealthier and more pompous than ever with the success of his crime.

The deed might have gone unpunished if not for the wrath of the most dominant and diverse army on the planet. Typically silent witnesses to the atrocities of man, the world of plants this time will rise up collectively to see that justice is served. And Bertram Luce will find his pursuers literally everywhere he turns.

When you offend the kingdom of plants, the whole world really is out to get you.


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About the Author
Mark LaFlamme Mark LaFlamme is a crime reporter and columnist at the Sun Journal in Lewiston, Maine. He is also the author of the novels "The Pink Room," "Vegetation," and "Dirt: An American Campaign," as well as the novelette "Asterisk: Red Sox 2089," and the short story collection "Box of Lies." His website is:



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