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My Name Is Lisa by Norma Cape

My Name Is Lisa

by Norma Cape

252 pages
Danger lurks as a young girl faces her past.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
The story of Lisa takes place in northeast Texas not far from the Louisiana border. It is a love story about a group of people who come together because of Lisa, an abandoned ten-year-old girl. Lisa spent all but the first few weeks of her life in a room with her brother behind a closed door and boarded windows. Their mother put them in the room because she thought it to be the only way to protect them from the manís abuse. They were together until the man brutally murdered Billy while their mother watched and did nothing.

Billy was five years old when Lisa was born. Once their mother put them in the room, she didnít talk to them and did little to see to their needs. After seeing that Billy liked to read to Lisa, she did bring the children books. When Lisa was old enough, Billy taught her what he knew about reading and then they continued to learn together. The dictionary came to be their favorite book, once they discovered its purpose.

The story actually begins in the autumn of Lisaís tenth year when, two years after Billyís death, the man and mother abandoned her. It was two weeks before a police officer, after receiving a tip from a concerned neighbor, discovered Lisa. The officer and Shannon, the social worker that takes Lisaís case, had been friends for many years. Working with Lisa opens doors to a new relationship between them.

Lisa stayed in the hospital for a while where she slept in a real bed and took her first bath. Once she was stronger she moved in with Shannon and Maggie. Maggie would serve as her guardian, nanny and teacher. Lisa experienced many firsts such as smelling fresh air, touching grass and feeling the wind on her face. Shopping at Wal Mart became a favorite. It was there that she bought her first pair of shoes and later Christmas decorations for her first Christmas tree. Lisa and Billy had learned a little about God and Jesus from some of their Christmas books and from the Bible. Lisa was glad to learn that Billy is with God in heaven and that there is no sadness there.

In her new home, Lisa has a pretty room, many books, a doll and a German shepherd dog named Butch that is there to protect her. Although her life has drastically changed, she is still in danger. Once the man discovers Lisa is alive, he and his brother desperately try to abduct and kill her. The detectives find Billyís body but have a hard time finding the man and mother even though they have come close to abducting Lisa on two separate occasions.

Dr. Joyce is Lisaís psychiatrist. Lisa has much rage, hate and anger towards the man and mother. Dr. Joyce helps her come to a place of healing while Maggie teaches her about forgiveness and faith.
This is a love story and a success story with a happy ending.



About the Author
Norma Cape Norma Cape grew up in Dallas, Texas. She and her husband of 26 years, Marvin, reside in east Texas. Norma feels it is the walk through her own lifeís experiences and from being a counselor for seventeen years that the story of Lisa evolved. She enjoys photography, fishing with Marvin and traveling.



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