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Danger Lurks in the Shadows: Norma Cape's Sequel To My Name is Lisa by Norma Cape

Danger Lurks in the Shadows: Norma Cape's Sequel To My Name is Lisa

by Norma Cape

260 pages
A page-turner. A sequel to My Name Is Lisa. Thrilling. Gripping. Dramatic. A predator from the past seeking to destroy 13-year-old Lisa. Kidnapping; shocking twists, fear that can consume them; faith fighting its way onward through it all.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Psychological
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About the Book
At the end of My Name Is Lisa, there was a cliffhanger. Readers asked the author many times, "What about Pete?" Pete is the brother of Delbert Johnson, Lisa's grandfather, and the man that murdered her brother Billy. Lisa referred to him as 'the man' as she did not know who he was. He is now in prison, serving a life sentence with no parole. Before he was arrested, he, Pete, and Angela tried to abduct and silence Lisa because she knew he had murdered her brother Billy. Delbert and Angela were caught and arrested before that could happen. Starting in the sequel; now that Delbert is in prison, Pete is determined to get his brother out of prison. He concludes that the only way to achieve this is to abduct Lisa and not only hold her but threaten to kill her if Delbert is not released. Pete knew he could not accomplish this alone, so he hired three thugs to help him. Unbeknownst to him, one of the so-called thugs would be a guardian angel for Lisa. Pete made calls, letting Gary and his family know he was after her. Lisa and Sam went to a Valentine's dance at his school. They were chosen the Valentine's Sweethearts and were given gift cards to the theater and for dinner at a local favorite. A few weeks later, Lisa and Sam chose a movie and a favorite restaurant where they would eat before the movie. Gary and Bill, Sam's father, accompanied them to see to their safety. However, danger lurks; Lisa and Sam were both caught in the abduction. They were held in a cabin belonging to their guardian in the bayous of Louisiana. The detectives, with the help of others, closed in and rescued Lisa and Sam. Ten years forward found Lisa and Sam in different universities. Lisa runs into a long-lost friend and is excited to spend some time with her. During their years in school, Lisa's relationship with Sam continues to move forward; there is a wedding to plan and a surprise honeymoon. New adventures in the field they have chosen and an unexpected visit from the past causes Lisa and Sam to rush home. And life goes on.


“A page-turner. Danger Lurks in the Shadows, a sequel to her first novel; My Name Is Lisa. Thrilling. Gripping. Dramatic all the way through! Mystery. Suspense. Drama. A loving, healthy family is at the center of it all. Yet a predator from the past is seeking to destroy 13-year-old Lisa. Detectives, including Lisa’s dad, and crime fighters throughout. This spellbinding story is centered on the return of terror to young Lisa and her loving parents. The predator knows all he needs to know. Kidnapping; shocking twists and turns; fear that can consume them; faith fighting its way onward through it all. Personalities are well-crafted by Ms. Cape. Depth of character; courage; the deepest of love; a well of compassion. Romance is here: young love, teenage love, and adults who love each other deeply. Crime is waiting to be defeated or to win out over good. Do yourself a favor! Get this novel! You will be glad you did.” —
- Roy K. Vogel, Ph.D., is a psychologist with over 35,000 direct patient contact hours. Dr. Vogel’s background also includes radio broadcasting, music publishing, and writing.
“In Danger Lurks in the Shadows, author Norma Cape has written a unique and touching novel. Digging into her own life experiences, she has created a fascinating biography of Lisa, a little girl who grows into adulthood experiencing success and the joys of life and family that too many take for granted. She grows and matures despite a horrid childhood and danger that lurks.”
- Rickey E. Pittman, Bard of the South.


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About the Author
Norma Cape Mrs. Cape was born in Kettering, England, grew up in Dallas, Texas; now lives in AZ with her husband of 42 years, Marvin. Before becoming a published author, she was a med-tech/caregiver in a memory care facility. Before this she worked in the dental field and has been a counselor.



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