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Eyelids of the Blind by Rich Ormbrek

Eyelids of the Blind

by Rich Ormbrek

336 pages
Science fiction novel, future American dystopia, rebellion against conformist society.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
In the America of the future all anti-social behavior and random violence have been channeled into controlled events called Enactments. Those who feel the need to act violently can do so in controlled circumstances while others monitor them and participate vicariously.

It is a culture where political correctness has become the rule and for some a very oppressive reality. There is nearly absolute consensus and conformity. Every issue is decided by committee. Individual initiative and independent thinking are frowned upon.

And then, one day, Mander, a descendent of the indomitable explorer Shackleton, suffers a minor injury and decides on an unconventional treatment method, unexpectedly sending shock waves through the lives of his colleagues, friends and even his wife. Ultimately Mander finds himself isolated and embattled as his actions call the values of the highly structured society around him into question. Eyelids of the Blind: Who will blink first?


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About the Author
Rich Ormbrek is a professional photographer. He educated himself in history and philosophy, exploring his dissatisfaction with contemporary social and political arrangements. The result is Eyelids of the Blind. Ormbrek has four children and lives in Seattle in a house with a really cool mural painted on one side.



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