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The Bucks Start Here by RICH ORMBREK

The Bucks Start Here


328 pages
Earth Security attempts to define itself as the credible source to dissipate the catastrophic Yellowstone caldera, discrediting the U.S. Federal Government. A chance loose Canon enables this, unleashing a world-wide tsunami of distrust in authority. A movement makes those in authority afraid to move.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
A private group employs an elaborate, felonius plot aimed to embarrass the U.S. Federal Government. By hijacking a low-level radiation waste truck and placing its contents close to the Yellowstone caldera, they hope to convince the public of dangerous government incompetence. The group aspires to dissipate the caldera's potential catastrophe.

Unexpectedly, a local newsman augments evidence for pesonal enhancement. His viral statement strikes a world-wide chord of distrust of authority. Scientific timeline disclaimers, government agency investigations and political assurances are all ignored by a new world disorder.

A tan movement starts spontaneously - then spreads like a tsunami of angst. When the private group, Earth Security, recruits funding from multiple billionaires around the world, the movement threatens election replacement of the elected. A flawed link in an Earth Security operative is nullified by an impatient F.B.I. field worker. Disclosure of the person would seem as credible as a drowned lotto winner showing up in a town with his same last name - after assuming water temperature.

Facing the potentially largest hatching egg of destruction, those in authority find themselves walking on egg shells.


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About the Author
This is the third novel by Rich Ormbrek, who lives in Seattle in a home enhanced with a large mural of Americana impressions. He is a courier by occupation to addresses defined exactly. He obviously lives on a road less travelled by facts.



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