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Staying Sober in AA...When Surrounded By Drunks by Rick Adair

Staying Sober in AA...When Surrounded By Drunks

by Rick Adair

120 pages
To get and stay sober...

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Category: Self Help:Addiction
About the Book

The 12 Step Program is more than a topic of discussion for those who believe they will always be sick, it is a path of complete recovery that rarely, if ever, fails. Fun to read and informative, this little "life saver" is a blueprint for sober living.


I found two predominant themes in this excellent little life saver, (1) actions speak louder than words. The 12 Step Program must go beyond what you know, it must be what you do. (2) If you want to keep it, give it away. Only through the selfless helping of others can a recovered alcoholic grow.

Far from being a dry read, I was captivated by the sincerity of the author's writing. His humor was subtle and clever. I could almost envision a twinkle in his eyes as he penned them. I consider this little book to be a must read for anyone wishing to recover from alcoholism or help others to recover.
- Jonathan David Masters
Dedicated to the author's sister who died of addiction, "Staying Sober in AA," is the story of Rick A's recovery from alcoholism and drug dependence. With catchy chapter titles and a sprinkling of bright, vivid phrasing, this true story shares personal insights and important discoveries.

I recommend "Staying Sober in AA" for anyone who wants to get rid of bad habits and annoying chatter in the brain. This is about a lifestyle change, about acceptance, about recovery and about moving on. If a spouse or friend is battling addiction, read this book. If you are ready to let go of your own demons, learn an excellent path to recovery in Staying Sober.
- B. Lynn Goodwin


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About the Author
Rick Adair An offspring of California drug culture, Rick A. survived as a medic in Vietnam, only to return to a life of alcoholism, drug addiction, and divorce. In 1986, after twenty-two years of addiction, he was finally able to get sober in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. After being a client and subsequently working as a counselor in one of the largest rehabs in the country, the author discovered why fewer alcoholics were staying sober in AA since the advent of the treatment industry over thirty years before. Now, as a sober member of AA for over sixteen years, he is living proof that, in spite of modern treatment myths, alcoholics can, and do, get well.



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