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Addictions Anonymous by Julian Taber

Addictions Anonymous

by Julian Taber

368 pages
Understanding and outgrowing addiction

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
This definitive text builds an understanding that may help the addict outgrow addictions through a universal, secular program of self-development. The text is universal because it deals with all addictions. It is secular in avoiding controversial elements of religion. This is a comprehensive text for recovering addicts and addiction counselors. It could be used in group psychotherapy, in college level classes on addiction, or to support a self-help group.

The book is in four parts:

Part I: Understanding Addiction--How an addiction develops and how it can be recognized.

Part II: A Basic Recovery Program--This section builds on the traditional twelve steps of recovery while avoiding all religious controversies and questions.

Part III: Developing Noble Character--Many addicts stop with abstinence, but this section of the book encourages the reader to work on personality growth and what is called noble character or secular spirituality. This is suggested as a way of immunizing the individual against substitute addictions.

Part IV: Common Questions and Problems--A variety of common problems encountered in abstinence are discussed in these chapters.

The various chapters, 42 in all, offer many self-administered inventories and check lists that develop self-understanding and help to target needed personality changes.



About the Author
Julian I. Taber is a retired clinical psychologist who specialized in the treatment of addictions. Working in the Veterans Administration, he was one of the first mental health professionals to work with pathological gamblers. He earned two national awards for this work. Taber writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.



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