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One Weekend A Month by Craig Trebilcock

One Weekend A Month

by Craig Trebilcock

368 pages
Satirical tale of Army Reserve soldiers in Iraq War.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book

One Weekend A Month is an irreverent look at the first modern American war to extensively rely upon Reservists as combatants. Through the eyes of an eight-man civil affairs squad, Team Jaguar, the Iraq War is stripped of its righteous veneer and revealed to be fear, suffering, and chaos.

Major Trevanthan, the Jaguar Team leader and small town attorney from Pennsylvania, becomes disillusioned with the ill-planned and poorly executed US mission to impose democracy upon a society that does not value the concept. Searching for meaning in his environment, Trevanathan resolves to save a critically ill Iraqi orphan.

As his well intentioned efforts are repeatedly frustrated, the increasingly cynical officer learns that in war, the enemy is not only the opposing military force; sometimes it is the self-interest of your own superiors and the indifference of the society you are trying to help.

This is a tale of sacrifice, loss of faith, and redemption set in the land of diminishing returns - Iraq.

“Craig Trebilcock has written an incisive, biting, unflinchingly honest tale that illuminates the real stories of our misadventure in Iraq.” - Bernard Edelman, Editor of Dear America: Letters Home from Viet Nam.

The author is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was decorated for valor. As a JAG and Civil Affairs officer during the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, then Lieutenant Colonel Trebilcock coordinated reconstruction of the Iraqi legal system in Southern Iraq. His purpose in writing this book is to reveal the side of the Iraq War that neither the general Press nor the White House show the American people.


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About the Author
Craig Trebilcock Craig Trebilcock is an attorney who served as an Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel during the invasion of Iraq. He was decorated for valor during a terrorist attack in Karbala. Craig writes professionally on topics of military interest. OWAM is the first volume of a trilogy on the War on Terrorism.



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