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Harry the Swan & Other Stories by Elle Rambo

Harry the Swan & Other Stories

by Elle Rambo

122 pages
Harry the Swan & Other Stories is a collection of humorous short stories from rural life in the Great Lakes during the twentieth century, featuring mischievous animals, eccentric relatives, and amusing neighbors.

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Category: Fiction:Family Life
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About the Book
Harry the Swan and Other Stories is a journey to a simpler place, where summer days are long and cool breezes off the lake are natureís air conditioning. This is small-town Americana at its heart-warming best, presented in short stories through the eyes of its midwestern residents, as they embrace daily joys and challenges with an equal dose of humor. The pie is cooling on the windowsill, the porch swing is waiting, and itís time to curl up with a good book and watch the geese flying south.

These are 34 short stories of life in the Great Lakes during the second half of the twentieth century, when the ebb and flow of the seasons paced life. The stories introduce us to a regal but lonely swan, a prankster crow, and a hard-bitten maintenance man with the demeanor of a bull and a soul of honey.

So, find a comfortable chair and get your favorite cup of tea. Itís time to enjoy a trip back to a calmer, kinder, and more generous time.


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About the Author
Elle Rambo writes stories capturing the joy and frivolities of everyday life in her small town in Western Michigan. She revels in showing us the best of what makes us human(e), and is at her unpretentious best when making fun of herself.



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