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In the Presence of Humour: A Guide to the Humorous Life by Cy Eberhart

In the Presence of Humour: A Guide to the Humorous Life

by Cy Eberhart

120 pages
Humor as a way of life.

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About the Book

If you've ever had an embarrassing moment, this book is for you.

Life is real! Life is earnest! Reason enough to be a humorist!

YOU are the only person who can discover the humor in your life. Humor is there, just waiting to be discovered.

Remember that embarrassing moment, the humiliation, then later a smile, perhaps even a laugh when you told the story? Why the change? The elements that made it humorous in the telling were also present during the embarrassment. But the second time around you saw the moment with your comic viewpoint. All living is done in the presence of humor whether we are aware of it or not.

This book is a systematic and comprehensive guide, written to increase your ability to find and achieve the humorous life by activating your comic viewpoint. Its common-sense insights will increase your awareness of humor's omnipresence and help you realize the spiritual strengths that come from experiencing the humor present in your living

You will learn (1) that the elements of humor are present even in the midst of the most difficult and potentially demoralizing situations, (2) the creative benefits that sensing this humor can have, (3) skills to extract and apply these benefits in present situations.

In the Presence of Humor is designed to help you establish your comic point of view in ways that make routine living an adventure. It is NOT a book on how to be a funny person, or how to be good at telling jokes (although this may happen).

Here are the chapters: What Makes It Funny; Discovering Hope; Discovering Joy; Discovering Wisdom; Discovering Rebirth; Discovering the World; Discovering the Self; Discovering the Spirit; Discovering Self Acceptance; Discovering God’s Laughter; Discovering Love and a bibliography

The process works this way. You read a chapter and with the aid of instructional work sheets, you then engage real-life experience with your comic viewpoint. Next you write selected parts of these experiences on specially-designed work sheets (this gives you a permanent record for future review and contemplation). This systematic practice becomes a continuous part of your way of life.

This same process can be used in small-group settings also; instructions are included. This new edition contains newly-added vocational work sheets. With these you can examine your work experiences as well. The benefits from this will be in terms of one’s own work setting For example, a healthcare worker will encounter on-the-job experiences that differ from a religious educator or a person in a business setting. However, whatever the specifics, the sense of humor is there to spice that life in the work setting with hope, joy, self-acceptance, love, and meaning.

Using the sense of humor to achieve the Good Life is an art. In the Presence of Humor offers a way to go.


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About the Author
Cy Eberhart Cy Eberhart, a retired hospital chaplain, is a nationally recognized speaker on humor and play. His professional interest in the spiritual significance of experiencing humor began 40 years ago. In addition to his writings, he dramatizes these insights on stage in his living-history show, “Will Rogers, Live!"



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