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WE REMEMBER, Stories of a Spiritual Awakening by Faith Ranoli & Cyrah Davis

WE REMEMBER, Stories of a Spiritual Awakening

by Faith Ranoli & Cyrah Davis

316 pages
Ruth Montgomery coined Walk-ins to describe away of spiritual transformation.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book

The stories you will read throughout this work are the experiences of real people sharing their inner truth.

Sometimes the Human part of us needs a label to help us understand something that has happened to us. Perhaps that is what the Walk-In title is; a way of explaining something extraordinary that has occurred in one's life.

Regardless, something happened that transformed the lives of those who share in this phenomenon. I believe anyone who is on a spiritual path will find wisdom and commonality within these stories. They express the hardships and joy of spiritual growth.

Wisdom from our stories. Know that the fear of greatness of allowing the reality of who you are, is the biggest block you will face. It’s through our personal truth that the power to transform this world lies. When the soul energy changes the personality must also change. Remember, you choose the ride, so enjoy it. Being a Walk-In means more soul awareness is present and a knowingness that I am not the personality or just the body, but a being that is non-physical. The main thing is to always go with your feelings and always trust the process. Just let it be, just like in your spiritual life, you let go of the control, you trust and whatever comes out is supposed to come out in it’s own diving timing.


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About the Author
Faith Ranoli and Cyrah Davis are internationally known as Holistic Home Healers. Co author’s of “The Mystical Guide To Home Inspection” and “The Mystical Guide To Understanding Your Home’s Health,” they are dedicated to helping people live in healthy home environments where they can create the passions of their heart.



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