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Law School Survival Guide by Tamsen Valoir PhD

Law School Survival Guide

by Tamsen Valoir PhD

116 pages
Guide for studying, making outlines and taking law school exams.

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Category: Law
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About the Book

Finally, a simple, fun book to show you how to study for law school, how to outline, and most importantly how to write Grade A exams! Written by a practicing lawyer who got the top grade in 3 of 5 first year classes an author with four degrees and an awful lot of exam experience.

The book is written in large, friendly type and has whimsical cartoons illustrating key concepts. It is a delight to read, and provides an easy to implement program for breaking the law down into its basic elements and then uses these same elements for crafting a Grade A law school exam answer. Read it early in your law school career, read it often, and get the benefit of these techniques. Students have improved their grades about 5-10% by using these suggestions!


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About the Author
Tamsen Valoir PhD Tamsen Valoir is a shareholder in Baker & McKenzie LLP where she practices patent law in the life sciences. She has often lectured on how to write law school exams and has provided private tutorials for many types of standardized tests, from the LSAT to the Texas Bar exam.



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