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My Words - Sayings, Adages & Proverbs by Letta Meinen

My Words - Sayings, Adages & Proverbs

by Letta Meinen

60 pages
My Words contains sayings that deal with our daily life.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book

Introduction to My Words

I have had a love of sayings for many years and have a collection of books from Aesop to many others. I believe they make a point about any topic where you use them and have a moral message. They say so much in only a few words.

The following collection of sayings, adages and proverbs have been added to review I have written on a web site called On this site I am known as grandgram and have been writing about different product and books since December 1999. I have added a saying at the end of each review to emphasis a moral closing and now it includes over 345 sayings at this time. I decided to put many of them into this book under seven different categories. Many sayings are original and others where reworded to make them fit the meaning of the review.

The books I have used for inspiration were The Spice of Life by Dian Ritter, Proverbs, Wit and Wisdom by Louis Berman and The Treasury of American Anecdotes by B. A. Batkin. Many of the original authors of these sayings are unknown and therefore impossible to list the original authors. I wish to thank any author for the words I used even when I created words to make my own meaning.

I also have a love of photography and have decided to use this to enhance the sayings. This gives me a chance to work with my digital camera and experiment with the pictures to create an interesting presentation for this book. I have always enjoyed the sepia coloring as it given a picture an antique look. My digital camera takes pictures in the sepia tone or I can change any picture to sepia with my software. I then decreased the lighting to show off the sepia typed sayings on each page.


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About the Author
Letta Meinen was born on June 2, 1925 in Hickman, Nebraska. She is now living in Salado, Texas. Her husband passed away on March 12, 2003. She has five children and nine grandchildren. Her interests include golf, art, politics, photography, cooking, sports and the computer.



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