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Kitchen Magic - Including Tips, Hints and Tricks by Letta Meinen

Kitchen Magic - Including Tips, Hints and Tricks

by Letta Meinen

89 pages
Kitchen Magic offers help to a healthy diet.

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About the Book

Kitchen Magic is filled with some new ideas....

I give suggestions on how to change many recipes to suite your taste and desire to stay healthy. By using this method I have been able to stay healthy without taking any special medications. You will also find some old tried and true recipes that are family favorites plus stories and incidents about some of the recipes included in this cookbook.

The Snack section has several new innovative ideas for Sunflower seed crackers plus Parmesan chips and bowls. These are a great substitute for fat and salty crackers on the market today. There are recipes for dried fruits and beef jerky that give one a chance to make your own plus you will find much more magic with snacks in this section.

The Soup section is filled with a variety of satisfying soups that can make a meal in themselves. In this section you will find Chunky Vegetable with Wild Rice, Tortilla Soup or Old Fashioned Tomato Soup that can cure and sooth an ill child. There are stories to tell about Soup parties and an excellent Cheddar Cracker to go with your soups. At the end of this section are suggestions for sandwiches made with whole wheat tortillas and a Kraut bun recipe using the whole wheat bread recipe given in the Salad section.

Salads are always included in any diet rather trying to cut your weight or for a good refreshing light meal. Salads of all kinds are listed with some new salad dressings like Balsamic and Raspberry Vinaigrette or Strawberry Poppy seed. You can eat the parmesan salad bowl after you finish the taco salad. The whole wheat bread recipe given at the end of this section is a fast and easy recipe and tastes great.

We all need our Main Meals during the day and here are many suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From granola made with whole grains, nuts and dried fruit to muffins made with no white flour or sugar. A wide variety of chicken recipes like Garlic Chicken strips to hot wings. With the new diet plans to cut potatoes here are a few suggestions for unusual things to do with cauliflower. Ever hear of a beef roast covered with mustard beer play dough and thrown directly into the hot white charcoal.

With these Desserts you are not left without a sweet taste to end your meal or just a chance to treat yourself. There are many suggestions for using Splenda to give our sweet tooth something to keep you going on any diet. Here you will find my winning honorable mention recipe in the Suzanne Somers recipe contest. Here also are some old family favorites like Carmel Corn and Krunchie cookies these are made the old fashioned method with butter and brown sugar but I added them for nostalgia.


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About the Author
Letta Meinen published her first book with titled The Cinnamon Stick ­ Tales of the Spice Trade. She moved to Texas after her husband passed away on March 12, 2003. Her many interests include writing, golf, art, politics, photography, cooking, sports and the computer.



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