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SKIVVY NINE by CMSgt T. Wyman Beal, USAF, Ret.


by CMSgt T. Wyman Beal, USAF, Ret.

349 pages
One year in the history of a military intelligence organization.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book

This book is based on a journal compiled by Chief Master Sergeant T. Wyman Beal, USAF, Retired, during his assignment as the Operations Superintendent of the 6903 Electric Security Group, or SKIVVY NINE, at Osan Air Base, Korea.

In only one year at SKIVVY NINE, the Chief endured a massive security violation; MARGINAL IG Inspection; fired Commander; new "John Wayne-type" Commander hell-bent on healing a sick unit; the humiliation of a public dressing down; scores of unnecessary readiness exercises; an IG re-inspection; and finally, the skullduggery and intrigue required to avoid being relieved of duty. According to Chief Beal, this was a "one million/two million" experience. He wouldn't take a million dollars for it--he wouldn't do it again for two.

This is a good read for those who were, or are, career military men and women and will be able to relate to this story on a personal basis. Individuals who spent one tour in the military then got out will find it interesting to learn what their leaders were up to behind the scenes. People with no military experience at all will be amazed at the military culture and how it functions. Lastly, high school and college seniors considering a career in the military will want to read this book to see what they're getting in to.

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About the Author
CMSgt T. Wyman Beal, USAF, Ret. CMSgt T. Wyman Beal, USAF Retired, spent 30 years as an Air Force intelligence analyst in Japan, Italy, Texas, Thailand, Greece, Alabama, and Korea. Beal spent 10 years with Defense Intelligence Agency, The U.S. and Saudi Arabian Air Forces, Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Reconnaissance Office. He's now retired.



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