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The True-Life Adventures of Insane Beer-Belly Kitty or Supercat, The Fantasy by Deborah Midkiff

The True-Life Adventures of Insane Beer-Belly Kitty or Supercat, The Fantasy

by Deborah Midkiff

284 pages
Governmental scientific experiment escapee Special Ops trained cat creature adventure

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book

The government considered it advantageous to create an expendable army to replace our current military forces. After being altered in a laboratory, this is the story of one such creature that escapes their confines.

Upon discovering the underworld's involvement and infiltration of the government's facility for their own, our hero sets out on a mission to eradicate their evil plans. In time, he recruits a human friend and, together, they come to the realization of the necessity to involve others; therefore, a cartoon series is created to warn the world of the impending danger.

While the common belief is merely a cartoon fantasy, in actuality, it is the reality of what has happened and is to come. Adolescents adhere to this SUPERCAT cartoon series and form a fan club in honor of the hero. Unbeknown to them, they are training to be the future warriors in this upcoming battle of good versus evil.

"It is my belief," states the author, "that once the personalities of the characters are introduced, they will become friends to the reader and be compelled to follow in their escapades."

This is the first in a series of wholesome, entertaining stories and an excellent addition to any family's literary library.


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About the Author
Deborah Midkiff Very independent and hard working, the author always puts in as much time and effort that is necessary to accomplish any goal she sets out to achieve. In addition to being the first woman hired as railroad machinist after WWII, she has also found the time to raise two children.



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