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TROY'S AMAZING UNIVERSE  T for Toy by S. Kennedy Tosten


by S. Kennedy Tosten

152 pages
Troy, the smallest kid, discovers the world's greatest toy!

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Category: Fiction:Children
About the Book
Troy, the smallest kid in school, is off on another adventure. While his parents are away, Troy is forced to stay with his unusual Aunt and Uncle and their seven mixed-up kids. Troy's amazing talents are put to the test when he finds out his Uncle Doug has invented the "World's Greatest Toy," and his peculiar neighbors are plotting to steal it. Troy is determined to save his Uncle's invention and help bring the family back together. But how will he do it, when he can barely speak a word?

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About the Author
S. Kennedy Tosten is an award winning author and screenwriter. Troy's Amazing Universe is based on her real life experiences with her son Troy, who is the smallest kid in school and has difficulty speaking. Recently she has been traveling with Troy, meeting his many fans across the country.



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