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TROY'S AMAZING UNIVERSE  M for Mall by S. Kennedy Tosten


by S. Kennedy Tosten

116 pages
A special boy faces his difficult world with undaunted optimism.

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Category: Fiction:Children
About the Book

Imagine a world where you don't speak the language. You can understand people when they speak slow, but you miss a lot when they speak very fast. They don't understand you for the most part unless they pay close attention, which isn't often. Otherwise you have to repeat and point and act things out. It's even tougher when you realize that you are very clumsy and your body doesn't always follow your directions. A pretty frustrating place to be. It would be, to most people, a sad and angry place. But imagine facing everyday in that place with undaunted optimism and finding happiness everywhere you can? How do you do it? Look inside TROY'S AMAZING UNIVERSE to find out.


This is a delightful and humorous book. Full of adventure for adult and child alike...An excellent book the family will treasure and enjoy. An easy read, it won't take long to finish, but it will stay with you forever.
- Margaret Chapman
This book is wonderful because it is based on a real boy! You'll love this book...
- Eliabeth Batt



About the Author
S.Kennedy Tosten resides in the Philadelphia area and is currently working on the next book in the Troy series.



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