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From the Teacher's Desk by Jacquie McTaggart

From the Teacher's Desk

by Jacquie McTaggart

247 pages
Educational issues and parental practices that affect the learning process.

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Category: Education
About the Book

In her book, From the Teacher's Desk, Jacquie McTaggart explains and defends some current educational practices that often come under attack, and identifies the areas that are in dire need of improvement. The one that sat behind the Teacher's Desk for more than four decades praises the good, and offers suggestions for improving the bad.

Utilizing her keen sense of humor and an abundance of anecdotes, she examines thirty issues that cover current school practices, parenting issues that affect the educational process, and school-related legislation.

A few of the topics covered include Pre-kindergarten learning,determining readiness for kindergarten,developing independence in the young child,and ways in which working mothers can support a child's academic endeavors. There are chapters on conference issues,boredom,AD/HD and Ritalin,inventive spelling, and student-teacher bonding. Other chapters deal with the decline of good manners, childhood obesity, America's lagging test scores,kids and computers, reluctant readers, bullies, over-scheduled kids,dealing with teens, and accepting the child that marches to a different drummer.

The book is written in conversational style, and makes for an enjoyable read. Politicians NEED to hear her words,teachers will WANT to hear them, and parents will learn from them.


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About the Author
In 2001, Jacquie McTaggart retired from a 42-year teaching career and began to write about her passion - kids and learning. Several of her articles have been published in national magazines and on the Internet. She also writes weekly columns on education for two daily newspapers.



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