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Too Broke to Shop and Can't Cook Anyhow! by Suzy Sharpe

Too Broke to Shop and Can't Cook Anyhow!

by Suzy Sharpe

108 pages
How to cook, frugally, with what you have on hand.

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Category: Cooking
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About the Book

You just put your last five bucks in the gas tank. You're hungry but you can't send out for anything, you can't go out for anything, and you don't get paid until Friday!

To make it worse, you don't know the difference between a skillet and a mixing bowl.

What are you going to do?

I've written a cookbook just for you. Well, not really a cookbook, it's a book designed to teach you how to survive in the kitchen. Not how to sift and measure and roll out and sauté and everything else that makes your eyes glaze over as you reach for the phone to order pizza again.

In just the first chapter, this book will tell you what you need to do when faced with that emergency situation when you have no cash on hand. What to do on those days when the paycheck doesn't cover the whole month. It takes all of the mystery out of cooking. It will give you some easy dinners you can fix in no time, while on the phone, with the kids jumping around in the background.

This is the ultimate cookbook for people who wouldn't know what to do with a measuring spoon if they had one. This is a step-by-step sure-fire way to put something edible on the table that is cheap, good, and filling.

You're thinking that you've never bought a cookbook in your life and you're not going to start now?

Don't worry, I'm going to take you by the hand and lead you like you're a toddler learning to walk. I'll talk you through it like in the movies when they talk that poor guy who's never been on a plane how to land after the pilot has a heart attack.

This cookbook will tell you:

·What low cost, nonperishable things you should always stock up on, and what to do with them when the cash runs out.

·Granny didn't need to measure, and neither do you.

·The best sauces come in a can - why Mr. Campbell is a saint!

·Paper economics vs. reality economics or - if it ends up in the dog's dish, it ain't a bargain.

·Everything tastes better with wine - sometimes even in the food!

·Your friends are coming over - how to feed them without taking out a loan.

·Someone wants you to bring something! Don't panic, you're covered.

·What to make when you need to impress somebody really bad.

There's even more. Throughout the book, I will

·Give you helpful hints on saving money - hints you will use forever.

·Show you how to dress something up so it looks like it's a gourmet meal. If you can't do it, at least you can fake it!

·Let you know where to shop to save the most money and still get good food.

·Show you how to cook without making the kitchen look like a toxic waste dump.

·Teach you how to hide veggies so your kids won't even know they're eating them.

Check it out! You'll save money your whole life!



About the Author

Suzy Sharpe wears many hats: freelance copywriter, single mom for 17 years, and former owner of a dog grooming shop. She dances Ballroom, West Coast Swing and Argentine tango. She attended LederWolff Culinary Academy in Sacramento, California. Her hobbies include dancing, gardening, writing, throwing large parties, reading, and did I mention dancing?



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