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A Killing at Cob Corners by Sylvia Nickels

A Killing at Cob Corners

by Sylvia Nickels

178 pages
Clem and Caroline Rush's friend who dropped out of high school is murdered and her husband charged with the crime, but claims his innocence. Their search for the real killer reveals infidelity, local corruption, and an unsuspected killer.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery:Cozy
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About the Book
The murder of Clem and Caroline Rush's dropout high school friend, Mary Lou, increases their desire to establish a unique school they hope will help prevent dropouts.

Clem visits Mary Lou's indicted husband in jail, who claims innocence and tells her that his wife was seeing another man. Mary Lou's mother tells authorities that her daughter was distraught after a phone conversation with someone she believes was the daughter's lover, but the diary she left behind does not name him.

Clem and her sister search County records, which reveal the county education committee rejected Caroline's request to lease the old school building for her dropout school in favor of a bar/gambling joint.

Martin Rush argues with Georgia State Police Captain Michael Tarnoff, Caroline's fiance, at the Rush home, then both leave without a word to the family. His body is found next day in a creek on the Rush property, his car missing. His death is also determined to be murder, but seems to have no connection to their friend's death.

In his home office desk Clem finds a report from a private investigator hired by their father. The report is proof that Caroline's fiance had affairs with several women, and mentions pictures though none are included with the letter. The Sheriff and deputies search the Rush home, he finds the PI report, and accuses Clem of hiding the pictures.

The two sisters join their brother at the bar where their friend worked and the bartender who hired her agrees to meet them for lunch next day at a café in town to tell what he knows.

At dinner the sisters are bringing Susannah, housekeeper and surrogate mother up to date when their brother arrives with Belt Elliot, the bartender, as well as Nate Simmons, the student Mary Lou dated in high school, who ran into each other at the site of Mary Lou's murder, and leave the impression they have just met.

Next day Clem finds the pictures hidden in her father's city office. In the building's parking garage she sees Michael, believes he was waiting for her. Stopping at a fast food restaurant she sees bartender Belt with Nate Simmons, wonders if they actually did know each other before dinner with the family.

Arriving home as she shares her discovery of the pictures with Caroline and Chance, Belt and Nate again come to the Rush home. Clem and Chance, having permits, decide to arm themselves. While sharing information the group is shocked when the murderer bursts into the room and attempts to take them hostage.


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About the Author
Author Sylvia Nickels writes the Cameron Locke mystery series and Royce Thorne, amateur sleuth mystery series. East Tennessee is home, but Eight Miles of Muddy Road is her memoir, set in Georgia, and Life Slices, A Medley of Musings after Three Score and More, a collection of her newspaper columns.



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