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The Tryst: Book Two of Conveyance by Jeff Babb Willis

The Tryst: Book Two of Conveyance

by Jeff Babb Willis

446 pages
The buildup to a coming battle continues. Richard Bryan prepares for the coming confrontation with the Lake Bistineau contingent made up of mostly Union ex-convicts, turned solders turned deserters, turned outlaws.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Like a growing storm cloud, a contingent of deserters, ex-convicts, jayhawkers and outlaws gradually assemble at Lake Bistineau, a scant 15 miles from the homestead.

It begins when attempting to return from Shreveport with badly needed supplies. A brutal ambush that leaves eight dead and Richard Bryan seriously wounded takes place on the lake's north shore. His family watches anxiously as he attempts to piece together a small resistance to confront the coming assault on the homestead.

Bryan is fortunate enough to learn that local "tinker," Cecil Taylor is able to both repair broker weapons and manufacture munitions. He gains surprising help from former Union Solders, Sargeant Billy McFain, Josephus Flatt (Corporate Slats) and Private, Paul Buckwalter (Bucky), as well as former Confederate Lieutenant, Guy Labeau and Sargeant Lem Brooks. He is also greatly assisted by "the people," led by Amos Bryan and his son George, and one armed, Riley Bryan, who has become a "master of the six-gun."


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About the Author
Jeff Babb Willis Jeff Willis was born in El Dorado, Arkansas and attended Louisiana State University. He graduated in 1979 with a double major in Journalism and History. He worked in Broadcast Television for 20 years before switching to Banking/Financial Services in 1999.



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