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50 Cents for a Life: A True Story of Surviving by Synchronicity by Bernard Rosenfeld, with daughter Nancy Rosenfeld

50 Cents for a Life: A True Story of Surviving by Synchronicity

by Bernard Rosenfeld, with daughter Nancy Rosenfeld

272 pages
Defying an impossible fate, destinyís abruptly rewritten by unimaginable paths. Eerie synchronicity directs a miraculous escape from grips of WWII Europe to America, as skilled artistry quiets chaos in a quest for truth and self-peace.

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About the Book
Amidst the panic of World War II Europe, a young Jewish manís desperate escape crossing perilous borders magically unfolds through the lens of synchronistic openings. Kept safe and sane by artistic talents and a miraculous fate, survivorís guilt for family loss casts its spell despite an enchanted life of accomplishment. A gripping true story painted with strokes of determination as a destiny is forever altered by unseen protection, perseverance, and the healing power of creative expression.

For almost half a century, details of Bernardís early life were kept hidden, even from his daughters. It was safer that way, afraid of what might occur if he allowed himself to feel.

He didnít share his unimaginable escape from Lithuania, alone at age 17, guided by angel-like synchronicity. He didnít share the horrific loss of family in the Holocaust and his relentless search for even a tiny drop of evidence about their paths.

Hiding behind a successful, busy life with his American family in the deep South, he finally surrendered to the emotional battle of survivorís guilt, haunted by visions of family he ached to honor.

It was time. His secret manuscript belonged with his four adult daughters. Incredible photos and documents accompanied raw words transmitting his story through the darkened eyes of an alone young man scrambling to survive.

Clearly, something magical safeguarded him. Unexpected synchronicities shielded his exit path where armies stood days before. A divine invitation to speak in Washington, DC shed sorrows for astounding connections. Newly discovered artistic talents transformed torment to inspiring beauty.

Enter this cathartic historical memoir with unique perspectives of survival, hope, and triumph, as anguish is transformed by artistry in a mission for self-peace, eclipsed by 50 cents that saved his colorful life.

Bernardís deeply personal story inspires perseverance to continue on where paths appear impossible. Hold onto hope that magical unknown help is on the horizon.

Historically informative details and timelines of WW2 theater follow his escape route from Eastern Europe to America, and, later, when sent back from whence he came, discover startling orders given to a non-U.S. citizen drafted into the U.S. military.

A decades-long search for evidence about family members killed in the Holocaust, reveals bold, assertive actions in a quest for truth and validation of a town and life destroyed.

Bernardís vivid descriptions invite sensory experiences with his every move:
  • When he is sad and lonely, we feel it in our hearts.
  • When he is in denial, we understand.
  • When he is intrigued, weíre eager to jump in and help.
  • When he passionately paints to express and release, we join in each stroke of healing.
A touching memoir with lessons of history, artistic healing, and persevering to live life to the fullest.


"Mr. Rosenfeldís artistic gifts no doubt helped him to emotionally survive Holocaust horrors, embracing a new life in America. By sharing his deeply personal story of escape and journey, his candid story-telling demonstrates incredible perseverance. Art is the purest form of emotional communication and healing that he teaches so brilliantly."
- L. Minkow, Artist
"An amazing story! Share this book and help make this go viral! Don't let what happened in WWII be forgotten!"
- B. Van Wormer, Author
"I was deeply moved by his strength, determination, survival instinct, intelligence, talent, dedication. I was moved by his pursuit to find the truth, and others from his village. Definitely a lasting legacy!"
- M. Wells


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About the Author
Bernard Rosenfeld, with daughter Nancy Rosenfeld Nancy Rosenfeld, author of six non-fiction works, boldly unveils transformative narratives that feature thriving through authenticity. Her latest endeavor intertwines her father's manuscript, filmed interview, and poignant visuals, with reverence for his final wish to disseminate his inspiring memoir, echoing his legacy through captivating story-telling.



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