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The Heritage Factor by Jim Croft

The Heritage Factor

by Jim Croft

107 pages
Discover the life-influencing power of your spiritual and family heritage.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
About the Book

Your family lineage is no accident. In His gracious plan for your life, and to make you who you are, God assigned significant life-influencing powers to your spiritual and family heritage. These uniquely equip you to become the person that He had in His heart when He saw you in eternity past. Through The Heritage Factor's easily understood teachings and intriguing testimonies you will gain insights about how to optimize the full benefits of your ancestry. Simultaneously, you will be enlightened about effective methods of release from any limiting life patterns that might have been passed down through your lineage. God's heart for you, and your family, is that you enjoy exciting, healthy, productive lives.

The Heritage Factor will help you cultivate a worldview that will open new vistas of practical spirituality for you. This new worldview will change your perspectives about the importance of faith and your concept of how God perceives you. It dictates that through the activation of Bible-based spiritual dynamics, every dimension of your life has the potential to be revolutionized. As you experience dramatic transformations you will realize that God is your Loving Heavenly Father who enjoys participation in anything that is important to you. Your mundane activities delight Him as much as your overtly religious endeavors. The Divine intention is that you bask in the confidence of the availability of His power and angels to assist you and your family.


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About the Author
Jim Croft is recognized for his unique ability to uncover and simplify profound spiritual truths, challenging others to apply them to their everyday lives. His works have been published in five languages. He and his wife Prudence have four daughters whose families are enjoying the fruits of the heritage factor.



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