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A Greyt Deception: A Rachel Chance and Will Keller Mystery by Randall Wisehart

A Greyt Deception: A Rachel Chance and Will Keller Mystery

by Randall Wisehart

282 pages
Rachel Chance sifts through layers of deception to find a clever murderer. Her Greyhound Abby plays a vital role as the danger mounts. An unexpected ally comes to Rachelís aid, but will it be enough to bring a killer to justice?

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About the Book
Rachel Chance thinks sheís just visiting a site on the Underground Railroad as part of the inaugural Glen Falls Freedom Festival until her Greyhound Abby alerts her to a dead body. Itís Anthony Jenkins, a man Rachel had seen arguing with her friend just days earlier. Was Jenkins working on a manuscript that would unmask a criminal? Did his sudden marriage lead a greedy family member to kill for a share of an inheritance? Did a past mistake lead a revenge seeker to Glen Falls, Indiana? It soon becomes clear that there is no lack of motives for murder.

Rachelís romantic interest Will Keller is soon the target of a police detective who had once been involved with Rachel. As past collides with present, Will remains in the crosshairs of the persistent detective.

When Angelica Jenkins, the estranged wife of Anthony Jenkins, arrives on the scene, the tension builds. The Jenkins family doesnít trust her and accuses her of only being after the inheritance. Anthonyís brother Arthur cannot contain his temper and public scenes draw attention to the family. Rachel strives to find out more about the family whose arguments provide potential motives for murder.

When the seductive Angelica starts to pay attention to Will, Rachel wonders about her motivation. Willís office is broken into and Angelica appears along with Detective Garrett. A mystery person was searching looking for something, but what?

Rachel and Will begin their own investigation but find more questions than answers. Rachel must put aside her questions about her relationship with Will and her hopes of adopting another Greyhound in order to find a killer. Issues from the past come to light and Rachel wonders if a tragedy from the past came back to haunt Anthony Jenkins.

Will and Rachel continue to follow leads but realize that any of the suspects could be a murderer. Is the motive greed, jealousy, or revenge? When Rachel receives a mysterious note that threatens her Greyhound, she becomes more determined than ever to discover the truth behind the murder.

Rachel and Will uncover one deception after another but realize that a risky plan that puts them in danger may be the only way to discover the truth. Their plan is thwarted when Rachel is captured by a killer. The danger mounts and at the last minute, an unexpected ally comes to Rachelís aid. Rachelís Greyhound Abby plays a vital role in a final confrontation. Will it be enough to solve the mystery and bring a killer to justice?


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About the Author
Randall Wisehart has retired from careers as an English teacher and a college professor. In addition to the Rachel Chance and Will Keller mysteries, he has also written three historical fiction novels for middle grades students. Randall lives in Indiana with his wife Tammy and their retired racing Greyhounds.



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