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The Spider Web Charmer by Lawrence R. Deering

The Spider Web Charmer

by Lawrence R. Deering

286 pages
Former sheriff's detective Michael Crawford has night terrors allowing him glimpses of the future. His wife Michelle has intuitions. They start a detective agency which leads them to a serial killer targeting a unique group of victims.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Crime
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About the Book
Former sheriff's detective Michael Crawford suffers from night terrors and sees glimpses of the future in his dreams. Michelle has "intuitions". Together they form the most unusual partnership as man and wife and co-owners of the Crawford Detective Agency.

Consumed with fighting terrorism, the FBI hires the Crawford's to assist them in tracking down a serial killer who has made his way to Colorado Springs. He leaves his calling card, an unfinished equation, scratched into his victim's bodies. The press give him the name, "The Mathematician."

While the small agency is working its cases, Michael tries to find out what happened to his birth parents who gave him up for adoption when he was two. His obsession leads him down a dangerous and potentially deadly path.

When the Mathematician sets his sights on Michele, the Crawford's play a dangerous cat and mouse game with a killer that has left behind a trail of victims in four states over two decades.


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About the Author
Lawrence R. Deering Lawrence Deering spent over forty years working as a healthcare executive. He wrote his first book "Youth Group" loosely based on his experiences growing up in the Baptist Church. The Spider Web Charmer is his fourth novel.

Lawrence lives with his wife Lisa of over thirty-five years in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



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