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The Brotherhood by Lawrence R. Deering

The Brotherhood

by Lawrence R. Deering

512 pages
Aaron Davis unites the major religions, brings peace to the Middle East, and brokers a treaty to eliminate weapons of mass destruction. When Davis calls for the elimination of America’s nuclear arsenal, President Jack Holder is torn between his religious beliefs, his Masonic principles, and international pressure to support the new world order.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
Aaron Davis achieves what no other man has: He unites the major religions of the world, brings peace to Northern Africa and the Middle East, and brokers a treaty to eliminate weapons of mass destruction.

Jack Holder, president of the United States, is a God-fearing Texan dedicated to preserving the American way of life. He belongs to a secret Masonic organization that has placed members in the highest levels of government. When Aaron Davis and his organization, the Brotherhood of Man, call for the elimination of America’s nuclear arsenal, Jack resists. When Davis creates a global currency to replace the dollar, Jack refuses to comply.

Barbara Holder, the First Lady, believes that Aaron Davis is the Antichrist, and her pastor has his congregation preparing for Armageddon. Jack is torn between his religious beliefs, his Masonic principles, and international pressure to support the new world order.


"Totally weird I thought at first but the more I reflected on the story the better I liked it. The main character came across as deeply flawed but human trying to do good and you found yourself cheering for him against the rest of the world. However there are hints of a darker side and its not until the end do you appreciate the plot and how it rapidly turns on its head leaving you hating the guy. A classic good against evil but with a superior plot by far."
- Stuart Wormald, Waterstones
"Author Lawrence Deering envisions a perfect, albeit false world in his latest book, The Brotherhood. The story follows a supposed miracle man named Aaron Davis who is seen as a Messiah to some and the Antichrist to others. After solving the world’s problems, including bringing peace to the Middle East, the United States is forced to join his New World Order. This angers Congressman Jack Holder who is tasked with taking Davis out.

Worthy of an Adaptation?: The plot certainly sounds like a high-tension thriller with religious elements of the Left Behind or Da Vinci Code series (but with better story and scripts hopefully). The plot definitely reads like a popcorn thriller, but with a strong script could have awards potential. You have two strong male characters that spar off.; maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Davis and George Clooney as Holder. **All casting is armchair only. Got better suggestions, leave them in the comments. **AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW."
- Kristin Lopez, Awards Book Nook
"I have completed the latest novel by Lawrence R. Deering named The Brotherhood. My initial interest in this title is because who doesn’t love a good story about the Antichrist? When we all live in a world that shows how divisive religion can be, it’s hard not to get mesmerized by the idea that there’s someone laying in wait to prey on these people.

Aaron Davis is a modern-day phenomenon. At the age of 7 he heals a woman of cancer. From that point on, his life as a "messenger" grew into an empire. By 14 he was packing stadiums only to be later dubbed as a prophet who is given the "gift". His graduation from Harvard Divinity School was even televised. Suffice it to say he’s bigger than Joel Osteen. An older, wiser Aaron, at the height of his ministry, creates a global nonprofit organization named The Brotherhood of Man.

The Brotherhood of Man is to be used as an international peacekeeping force comprised of leaders from the six major religions. These churches would then pay stipends for the Brotherhood to maintain military forces and broker peace wherever needed. Sounds good you say? Initially everything’s all good.

Enter Congressman Jack Holder who’s soon to be Pres. Holder. Unlike other countries, he’s not so quick to jump on the Aaron Davis train. And he’s conveniently, secretly, a Mason. His wife, Barbara is actually convinced that Aaron may be the Antichrist. But is he?

Lawrence R. Deering writes an extremely interesting and ambitious novel exploring what happens when we allow wolves in sheep’s clothing to rule the world. When there seems to be no separation between the church and politics, The Brotherhood seems to be what could happen. Although an extreme case scenario, it’s still very "accepted" or "plausible" because the story’s been sold over and over again in the book of Revelations. This seems to be the most terrifying aspect of this novel.

What I like most about The Brotherhood is its use of verses in the Bible prophesying that maybe Aaron is not on the up and up. For those who aren’t completely familiar with the spotting of an Antichrist, these verses work wonders. Including these verses and the fact that this novel moves swiftly is not an easy feat. On the topic of pacing. I thought for sure there were moments I wished Deering has slowed down. I didn’t ever feel like I was watching a story unfold as opposed to just being told what’s happening. And the main characters are not easy to relate to. Everyone loves a fast read when it’s time for one, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of great storytelling or character development.

Overall, The Brotherhood by Lawrence R. Deering is an interesting read about the fate of the world should an Antichrist come to power. The exploration of allowing our religious beliefs murky our political actions is always topic worthy. I’m left wondering would I be one of the flock following a wolf in sheep’s clothing when the time comes? I hope not…"
- Patrice Hoffman


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About the Author
Lawrence R. Deering Lawrence R. Deering spent more than thirty years as a healthcare executive. His first novel Youth Group, was based on his experiences in the Southern Baptist church. He is an avid audiophile and has been building a vinyl record collection for more than forty years. He often includes references to the musicians and songs he loves in his stories. He lives with his wife, Lisa, in Winter Park, Florida and St. Croix, Virgin Islands.



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