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Second String by Marilyn Anderson

Second String

by Marilyn Anderson

270 pages
Four friends, four coaches, a football team, and a vendetta. Coach Burton thinks Jackson McCullen is second string, but no one else does. Follow the Lobos all season to find out why.

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Category: Fiction:Sports:Football
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About the Book
Four friends, four coaches, a football team, and a vendetta.

An afternoon ride solidified the alliance among the four captains of the Last Creek Lobos, who called themselves the Four Horsemen, and started the football season of a lifetime.

Jackson McCullen, Bobby Surges, Nick Hartford, and Joe Blackfeather looked forward to their senior season playing side by side as first-string players, but Coach Burton had other plans for Jackson, who would always be second string in Burton’s mind. But who, or what, really determined who was first string or second string? The roster, the coach, or the player?

No one understood Burton’s prejudice against Jackson…not Coach Morrison, his friend and colleague; not Tricia, his daughter who had a crush on Jackson; and especially not Jackson himself.

Week after week, tension and frustration built; stakes became higher; and the question of “why” remained unanswered.

Follow the Lobos throughout their season and find out who really was second string.


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About the Author
Marilyn Anderson lives in Southwest Louisiana with her family and is employed full-time in the gaming industry. Second String is her second book and is the prequel to Playoff Fever.



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