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Playoff Fever by Marilyn Anderson

Playoff Fever

by Marilyn Anderson

226 pages
Jackson McCullen comes to the Scrub Oak Ocelots with the hope, desire, and ability to turn their football program around. Will Conrad Williamson, Jr., prevent Jackson's goal? Or can the Ocelots savor the success of Playoff Fever?

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Category: Fiction:Sports:Football
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About the Book
Jackson Richard McCullen accepts the head coaching job at Scrub Oak High School, which has only won one football game in the last three seasons. Conrad Williamson, Jr., the superintendent, wants to run the football program instead of letting Jackson do his job and is determined to get rid of him after only one year. Conrad wanted to play college ball, but he would not play any position but running back, which is the same position he insists he wants his son, Trey, to continue to play at Scrub Oak. Trey wants to play defense, and Jackson gives him the chance against Conrad's wishes.

With no money, no equipment, one assistant coach who is retiring, and one assistant coach who has never played a game, Jackson is determined to build a team his way. He gives every player a chance to play and recruits basketball players, soccer players, Hispanics, and African Americans to change the dynamics on the field. Jackson coaches football as he played in high school...with heart and soul and integrity. He doesn't see color, economic background, or history when he fields a team. He makes the players believe in themselves and find the extra "stuff" that makes the difference between a regular team and a winning team.

Jackson reunites with his high school sweetheart, Tricia Burton, who happens to work for the law firm Conrad hires to try to get rid of Jackson.

Jackson played both defense and offense in high school, and his coach always thought of him as Second String, so Jackson knows how fighting criticism and diversity every week can hurt a team. He is determined to never make his players feel that way as he guides them through the season one game at a time.

Is it illogical to take a 1 and 9 team, tweak the players, find the best in each one, and coach them into the playoffs?

Probably. But the Ocelots deserve more; the town craves more; and the people hope for more. Will Williamson defeat Jackson, or will Jackson turn the hopes of the Scrub Oak Ocelots into a craving for Playoff Fever?


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About the Author
Marilyn Anderson graduated from Texas A&I University, currently Texas A&M University, Kingsville, with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Retiring after 34 years in the banking industry, she moved to Southwest Louisiana, built a family owned and operated horse care facility, and currently works full-time in the gaming industry.



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