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Deciphering Autism: A Discussion of Neurobiology, Adaptation and Experience by Robert DePaolo

Deciphering Autism: A Discussion of Neurobiology, Adaptation and Experience

by Robert DePaolo

438 pages
Deciphering Autism provides a comprehensive view of the disorder, including brain dynamics, genetic factors, and the ways in which autistic people adapt to their social environment.

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About the Book
Deciphering Autism offers a broad and optimistic perspective on autism, with a focus on those in the moderate to severe range of function. It delves into recent research on brain dynamics, genetics, immunological factors and perception. However, it pivots mainly around how autistic people adapt to their challenges, how they convert brilliantly. a world of internal confusion into an elegantly structured set of perceptions, emotions and behavior patterns - all designed around the need to produce their own rhythmic regulation when the neurophysiological systems typically designed to do that, are compromised. The book describes autism as both a disorder and a series of adaptations; both of which necessarily included in a definition of 'autism'. Finally, in light of what research has shown and how autistic people adapt, the book delves into the possibility of energy and rhythmic regulatory therapeutic possibilities that might one day, provide remedy for this disorder.


The knowledge and firsthand experience Mr. DePaolo has with autism is very well reflected in this book. As a mother with an autistic child, it was a great read. There is so much information provided and explained in detail. I have read several books on autism, but none have been as well explained and informative as this one.
- Kika Perez, Parent of an autistic child
Deciphering Autism by Robert DePaolo is an authoritative and exhaustive exploration of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This book ventures into the multifaceted nuances of ASD, investigating its origins, manifestations, and potential treatment options. DePaolo masterfully navigates through the historical and societal backdrop of autism, while simultaneously providing an updated scientific perspective on the interplay of genetic and environmental factors in ASD development. DePaolo’s quest to demystify autism leads to a lucid explanation of the neurological and cognitive mechanisms underpinning the disorder. His analysis of the hurdles encountered by individuals with ASD—especially in social interaction and communication—is particularly enlightening. His evaluation of diverse interventions and treatments underscores the critical need for personalized approaches.

Deciphering Autism is a compassionate and illuminating guide, offering invaluable insights for individuals with ASD, their families, and caregivers. The empathetic discourse within this book marks a notable departure from traditional resources that often focus primarily on ‘managing’ individuals with ASD. DePaolo’s narrative, in contrast, is distinctively shaped by the lived experiences of those with ASD.

The author’s emphasis on the vital necessity for tailored treatment strategies is particularly praiseworthy. He firmly advocates that ASD, far from being a monolithic condition, necessitates the consideration of each individual’s unique requirements, thereby rejecting a generalized, one-size-fits-all approach.

DePaolo’s comprehensive examination of ASD occasionally leads to scientific explanations that may come across as technical to the non-specialist reader. While this detailed approach might not be a stumbling block for those well-versed in the subject, readers seeking a basic understanding of ASD might find it somewhat daunting.

Deciphering Autism is an exceptional and powerful resource on ASD. As such, I recommend this book to anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
- Literary Titan Book Reviews
A fascinating and scholarly approach to the body of knowledge about autism. The discussion is far reaching, encompassing child development, neurology, biology. physics and even the order of the universe.
- Alice in Scotland, Online Book Club Review


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About the Author
Robert DePaolo is a retired practitioner in the fields of clinical, educational and neuropsychology. He is author of six books and many articles on education, science and psychology. He is former adjunct professor of psychology in the N.H. University System and the father of two autistic adults.



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