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BUNDY: A Clinical Discussion of The Perfect Storm by Robert DePaolo

BUNDY: A Clinical Discussion of The Perfect Storm

by Robert DePaolo

258 pages
'Bundy' details the life and crimes of Ted Bundy in terms of his background, childhood and personality development and casual factors in his obsessive need to erase the threat of "the female."

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Category: True Crime
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About the Book
Bundy discussed the life and crimes of serial killer Ted Bundy in a unique way: by addressing important aspects of normal child development, including neurological factors and how deviant behavior patterns can result from aberrations in that process.

Ted Bundy was perhaps the most notorious serial killer in American history, whose savagery extended to young women in their prime and children not even out of middle school. While he was interviewed and evaluated after being captured there are still questions about how a man seemingly blessed with looks, intelligence and social access could descend to the depths of depravity, and do so while living an apparently normal life. Those closest to him did not recognize his brutal capabilities. Yet whIle he was described as a good son, loving brother and dutiful student by family and friends. it was becoming clear, beginning in his toddler years, that a hatred for females was being cultivated and that it would fester into a life long obsession with sex and death. This book delves into the external life and internal mind of Bundy in an attempt to provide psychological and predictive closure.


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About the Author
Robert DePaolo MS Clinical Psychology. He is a retired practitioner in the fields of clinical, educational and neuro-psychology. He is a former Professor of Psychology in the New Hampshire University System and the author of five books and many articles on science, psychology, politics and religion.



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