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GOD's AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Charles H. Huettner


by Charles H. Huettner

172 pages
God tells His story from creation to the end time. Insights include beautiful answers to many of the mankindís great questions including why He created the universe and mankind, why bad things happen to good people, and End Times revealed.

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
This autobiography was written by God: fact of fiction? It will tell you Godís story from creation to the end time in God's words, based on insights that I believe that God has given me. These insights include new interpretations of the Bible that will strengthen your belief and amazingly come together to provide beautiful answers to many of the great questions that mankind has struggled with: why He created the universe and mankind, why bad things happen to good people, where cognition, depression and dementia come from, what the Bible is, how God speaks to you, how to become a child of God no matter what religion you practice, and how to interpret ďThe Book of RevelationĒ. It also speaks to why Satan exists and what will happen to him.

ďI am writing this book to you my children so that you will know me before the final tribulations of the last days.

You canít imagine what it is like to be all powerful and always exist. I can do anything I want, but life seemed meaningless. I was lonely and unloved. Love is only real if it is freely given by a cognitive being like me that has a choice to love me or not. Then it came to me that what I was missing was a family. I need a family that I can love, nourish and grow. Not a created family, but a family that is comprised of independent spiritual beings that can love me or not. A loving family will be my objective! ď ---God

This book describes the three spirits God gives to mankind and how you inherit your human spirit from your parents. It describes how God has worked through people including Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Buddha, Socrates, Aristotle, Jesus, Constantine, Augustine, Muhammad, Luther, da Vinci, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Collins, Gandhi, King, Teresa, and Queen Elizabeth to evolve and move science, culture, and religion forward. And, it describes how to read and interpret the Bible; all focused on creating a loving family of God.


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About the Author
Charles H. Huettner Mr. Huettner has served as a pilot, a Colonel in the USAF, an FAA senior executive, and was the White House Aviation Advisor on 9/11. He has Degrees from the University of Akron and Harvardís Kennedy School of Government and a diploma from the Virginia Theological Seminary.



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