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Unlikely Friends by Paul Korins

Unlikely Friends

by Paul Korins

132 pages
Two twelve-year-old boys—one a talented Little League pitcher, the other a gifted artist—become soulmates. They help each other to confront bullying fathers so that they may pursue dreams of their own making.

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Category: Fiction:Coming Of Age
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About the Book
Blake Simpson is a gifted twelve-year-old boy who loves to draw and paint. He dreams of being a successful artist one day.

Rocco Marciano is an all-star pitcher for his Little League team. His dream is to pitch in college and then move on to the majors.

Their fathers have different plans in mind for their sons, and they try to bully them down those alternative paths, paths that they had chosen for themselves many years ago. By forcing them to follow in their footsteps, they'd be living through the boys, attempting to fulfill their own dreams, especially the half-realized ones.

Blake and Rocco form a tight bond because of their common plight, and they strive to stand up to their iron-willed fathers once and for all.


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About the Author
Paul Korins Paul Korins is a former magazine and newspaper publisher. This is his fifth novel for youngsters (8-13). His last book was A Summer to Remember with Ted Williams, a time-travel novel that transported readers back to 1960.



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