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Tales from the Wilds of New Jersey by Ted Lyons

Tales from the Wilds of New Jersey

by Ted Lyons

346 pages
A coming-of-age tale from the "Wilds of New Jersey."

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
In "Tales from the Wilds of New Jersey," Ted Lyons invites the reader into the "wonder years, coming of age" adventures/discoveries of a Jersey kid whom you will undoubtedly come to recognize in one form or another. Ted: "Were all here, sharing the planet for a nano second, just trying to get through it! So, of course, similar life experiences are unavoidable." In one-to-three-page chapters, Ted shares the rough and tumble life of a boy navigating his way through childhood, adolescence and finally stumbling into adulthood realizing that hes Peter Pan in a world full of responsible grownups! The stories are largely autobiographical, and true, to the extent that "memory would allow."

Included in the pages of TFTWONJ are a modest scattering of original poems, jokes, and song lyrics along with "skewed" observations of life, just to "keep the reader off balance." The tales are regaled with humor and honesty, as seen through the nostalgic prism of "rose colored glasses." If you dont see yourself, or someone you know, inside "the wilds"...look again.


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About the Author
Ted Lyons Ted Lyons hails from the mystical are known as "Central Jersey." A lifelong NJ resident, and former limo driver, Ted continues to perform as a NJ musician and as a morning DJ on WDVR FM.



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