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Beyond The Red Barn by Ted Lyons

Beyond The Red Barn

by Ted Lyons

282 pages
Ted Lyons has a three day odyssey with an extra terrestrial race.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
On a clear fall evening Ted Lyons has unexpected guests drop onto his back lawn. They suggest, “It’s time we meet.” His curiosity gets the best of him and he climbs aboard the extraterrestrial craft. What follows is a three day excursion in and around our solar system ending with an extended stay on Aldair, his host’s home planet. Included are space walks, time travel, a glimpse at our afterlife and a surreal lunch with a highly advanced being in a far off galaxy. Shortly after Ted’s return home, his memories of those few days all but fade, but not before his mountain of notes would be formed into Beyond The Red Barn. Now he’s not sure if this was a dream or some weird out of body experience. Two or three snippets stay with him, more real than the reality of here and now. They provide a warm comfort. We are not, and never will be, alone.


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About the Author
Ted Lyons Ted Lyons is a musician, former chauffeur and morning radio DJ hailing from the mysterious area known as “central Jersey.” As a regular blogger for the last twenty years,Ted’s decided to share this story with anyone who has an interest in life outside of our earthly home.



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