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TRUE BLUE by D. Stuart White


by D. Stuart White

276 pages
Relive Mathe's Vietnam heroism and follow his tentative steps as a Blue Angel and government agent. Read Mathe's boss's heartfelt and thrilling battle scenes—horrific tales of WWII air combat and a B-29 mission into China.

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Category: Fiction:Historical:Thriller
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About the Book
The year is 1944. Off the coast of Okinawa, a flight of Navy Corsairs hunts. Suddenly a swarm of Zeros jumps Lieutenants Bill Stone and Jamie McCready. The ensuing air combat results in Jamie trying to save his buddy Bill as they fight to stay alive.

The mission was scrubbed from US Navy and NSA records, and McCready swore to secrecy. Nevertheless, throughout the remainder of his military career, McCready carries a load of guilt for the actions he did not take that day. But the reasons for his secret will prove even more disturbing.

Following his father’s footsteps, Mathew Stone puts you back in the cockpit with all its exhilaration and fear as he goes full throttle again in True Blue.

Fly with Mathe as a “Blue Angel,” a lifelong dream, and share his grinding determination to acquire the skills for full acceptance with the Team. However, with his sudden assignment to the Pentagon, his first mission steps almost became his last in his search for a known communist agent and an ensuing miracle that would fill him with equal measures of exhilaration and sadness.

True Blue paints a provocative spy narrative of a mislabeled patriot and the distrust Mathe harbors for his command against the backdrop of war, espionage, honor, and family.

This sequel is much more than a volley of intense wartime experiences. Instead, it speaks to the inseparable bond of its unforgettable characters—Mathew Stone, Finn, One Nut, Iron Ass, and Taco as they excel and survive.


'Imagination – There are two worlds, the world that we can measure with line and rule, and the world that we feel with our hearts and imagination.' A quote from Leigh Hunt - Leaves of Gold "This quote is particularly fitting for D Stuart White's True Blue. A delightful read with sensitivity to his characters that provides a fitting background story - a must-read!"
- Penny McCready
“So I’m delighted to see that White is totally up to snuff with the glory and the irreverence of military aviation. He has also stepped up the pace in True Blue to place the reader squarely in the cockpit of not only the A-4 but the F4U Corsair and even flying left wing in the Blue Angels! The aviation episodes are well done and do much to capture the joy and the terror of flying carrier-based fighting machines in combat. But the strength of the book is its story. It is diligently researched, skillfully told, and just plausible enough to keep you turning the pages. It’s a father, a son, and a tangled web of military intrigue. You’ll enjoy this book!”
- DD Smith – Author - Above Average: Naval Aviation the Hard Way
"You will love this one if you like intrigue-packed espionage. Those words you bring to the page are so carefully chosen, words that make people forget about their struggles and concerns. You transform people. You take them places. Thank you for carrying me along."
- Al Cisneros – Blue Angels 75-76


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About the Author
D. Stuart White D STUART WHITE is an author and organizational development consultant. He has written for numerous publications/organizations, including The Engineering Society of Detroit, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, General Motors, Commemorative Air Force, Chrysler Corporation, and the Center of Direct Marketing. True Blue, including Tall Air, is the second novel in the Mathew Stone series. He is a Michigan State University graduate, served as a naval officer, and lives in Detroit with his wife, Ann.



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