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TALL AIR by D Stuart White


by D Stuart White

204 pages
Travel back to the turbulent sixties thru the testosterone-fueled friendship of two who seek more out of life than most. Experience the demands and horror of air combat during the Vietnam War by two Naval Aviators and their father’s own WWII combat survival. This is a military thriller in the genre of Stephan Coonts and Dan Pederson.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
Matthew “Mathe” Stone and Jonathon “Finn” Finley, friends from different backgrounds, find a common desire to challenge their world in the extreme, seeking Tall Air.

Against their hilarious and frightful missteps as teenagers, through first loves, to their struggle to survive Naval Air combat in Vietnam, they couldn’t have done it without each other. Explore the best and the worst in them in their razor blade-edged odysseys.

Matthew Stone is the spirit of the 1960s—gamey, inventive, turbulent, wild, and smart, even in his buttoned-down and irreverent military fighter pilot world.

Read the horror, sadness, and exhilaration of Jonathon Finley’s father’s remarkable WWII reflections of B-29 air combat and how it shapes and prepares both young men to fight for the coin flip in their NAVAIR combat roller coaster in Vietnam—life, love, loss, and death.

Thrilling, tragic, and funny in the extreme, Tall Air is highly readable and an irresistible and authentic account of an extraordinary friendship. Join Mathe and Finn, in their heroism and sacrifice, as they reach for Tall Air throughout their lives. It will make you proud.


“High Speed, Low Drag! What an AMAZING ride!”
- LCDR Jamie “Tilly” Tilden, Washington
“I could never adequately explain the reality of my days in middle and high school to my daughter. Your description hit the nail on the head.”
- Penny McCready, Harbor Springs
"I particularly enjoyed the childhood chapters. I like the boys' energy and their hormonally driven adventures. Stories and descriptions are distinct/unique, nostalgic, intriguing: they feel authentic."
- David Aretha, award-winning author and editor


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About the Author
D Stuart White D Stuart White is an author, business development consultant, entrepreneur, consumer behavior analyst, commercial pilot, lacrosse coach, and lifelong aviation and military history buff.

He is best known for his in-depth organizational development case studies and articles that include---lessons learned from military aviation personnel transitions to corporate environments. His flight experience includes PIC flight time in various corporate, civil and military aircraft.

He is a Michigan State University graduate, served as a naval officer and lives in Bloomfield, Michigan with his wife, Ann.



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