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ALLEGORY: How One Man's Lies, Deceit, Arrogance, And Greed Has Gaslighted The World by Michael Solomon

ALLEGORY: How One Man's Lies, Deceit, Arrogance, And Greed Has Gaslighted The World

by Michael Solomon

248 pages
Allegory tells the story of how one man has created a narrative that has gaslighted the governments of the world into believing, unless we take drastic actions, the world will end in ten years.

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Category: Politics:Commentary
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About the Book
Finalist--Best Cover Design--Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize

Allegory is the story of how one man has created a narrative that has gaslighted the world into believing, unless drastic measures are taken, the world will be destroyed within ten years by greedy industrialists. However, his solution will put planet Earth on a path to suicide. His narrative is based on consensus opinion and not scientific facts. He continually expresses his views which will leave you to realize he believes his own lies.

Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes their victims question reality.

Science is a matter of collecting data, conducting experiments, and coming up with a proven conclusion to a hypothesis.

The collective opinion of a group of scientists in general agreement on a particular subject is called a “consensus.” Accepting views with little or no supporting data or pragmatic testing is dangerous. It allows for all kinds of pseudo-scientific beliefs not supported by scientific principles.

When a person outside the scientific community with a platform starts presenting those views publicly and repeating them like a mantra, they become believable; they even start to believe them themselves.

Throughout history, in Medicine and Science, there have been consensuses that have taken years to prove wrong because the population continued to reject the science.

The science of Climate Change is one of those fields where one person, former Vice President Albert Gore, has become the poster child for the biggest scam in the history of the world. This is not only the author’s opinion but the opinion of numerous renowned scientists in Astrophysics, Climate, and Meteorology.

This book will take you on a journey through empirical science and show you how the theory of Global Warming is just that; an opinion based on assumptions, misrepresentations, and outright lies that have gaslighted the populace and the governments of the world.

However, the principled, pragmatic science that has always existed will show you that Global Warming is a theory with no scientific foundation.

Throughout this publication, you will be presented with scientific evidence showing that the theory of human-produced climate change is false. You will learn how Al Gore has elevated himself to riches beyond your desires.

When I was a detective with the NYPD, almost every case I investigated started with following the money. So too, this book will follow the money and show you what the obsession is all about.

Gore’s hypocritical behavior will lead you to believe that he doesn’t believe his declarations.

You will understand the science of Carbon Dioxide and how a world with zero carbon will turn planet Earth into a barren, frozen wasteland.

This book is not designed to change your mind. It is only meant to help you have an open mind and discover the truth to decide for yourself what you want to believe. But decide before the government takes away your money and your freedom.


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About the Author
Michael is a former NYPD Detective and business entrepreneur. After his retirement, he started his writing career. He has written five books. Three nonfiction books and two novels. Both novels were written for the Hollywood screen. Allegory is his seventh book; it won't be his last.



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