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UNDER THE DIVI TREE: True Love Needs No Reason by Michael Solomon

UNDER THE DIVI TREE: True Love Needs No Reason

by Michael Solomon

328 pages
A man's life of love is interrupted when he falls asleep and won't wake up. His wife becomes a detective searching to answer this medical mystery. Only to find the answer lies within his mind, where he must fight to come back to the wife he loves.

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Suspense
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About the Book
Chosen "Best Romance Novel" by Main Street Media

Finalist: 2022 Indie Awards

Author Michael Solomon appeared PBS with Ann Bocock on Between The Covers.

Matthew crane, a former Police Detective and business entrepreneur, and his wife Carol have it all; a fairytale marriage; the envy of all their friends.

After retiring financially secure, Matthew plans a surprise vacation for Carol and him.

Before they are scheduled to depart, Mathew is overcome by a mysterious illness that leaves him in a deep sleep state that no modern medical professional has ever seen. It creates a medical mystery that takes more than his doctor’s efforts, a brilliant but baffled top neurologist and close personal friend of Matthew’s to solve.

His medical team and wife soon discover that his physiological functions have ceased. He is not aging, his hair and nails have stopped growing, and his biological clock may have ceased to run. It is as though he is in a state of suspended animation.

Obsessed with finding out what is wrong with him, Carol becomes the detective Matthew used to be and searches the world for answers.

The medical mystery deepens when against his doctor’s advice, Carol meets with a doctor from Mumbai, India, who claims he has the answer to Matthew’s condition. But is he a charlatan or genuine?

She is lead to believe that Matthew’s universe does not extend outside his mind.

Carol discovers the key to unlocking this mystery is sealed inside Matthew’s mind. Only he can solve this mystery. His dreams are the only thing that can bring him back to reality and awaken. But for how long can Matthew dream?

This story is of one couple’s love and commitment to each other, only to be interrupted by a medical mystery that will leave the reader wondering, can this medical malady actually occur, or is it merely a work of fiction? You, the reader, will have to decide.


"I was privileged to read the manuscript of Under The Divi Tree. This love story is an unbelievable suspenseful page turner, with a surprise ending. I only put it down to pick up a tissue. If you want a good cry while laughing at the same time, this book is a must read."
- Patsy Glaser
"As a fan of Robin Cook and Nicholas Sparks, I found The Divi Tree to be a combination of both. The story kept me in suspense from page one until the end. I had trouble putting it down wondering how the main character would get out of his predicament. Each chapter left me with more reasons to continue reading. It is a real page turner. But it also left me wondering if this medical condition could really happen. That was the frightening part. It was a quick and easy read."
- Jennifer Berkoff
“Love's ability to transcend the most difficult of circumstances and persist is best exemplified by this heartwarming story. While the story opens up with Matthew Crane on a flight to Aruba, the entire story is narrated as a flashback. Matthew & Carol Cranes' love story is decidedly central to the novel's progression. When Matthew is hospitalized with an unbreakable slumber, the exploration of the scientific and metaphysical is equally intriguing.

The narrative is undoubtedly character-driven and flows seamlessly, propelled by an abundance of shorter, descriptive paragraphs, energetic dialogue, and vivid imagery. Overall, the narrative paints the greatest of "what-if" questions, asking readers to conjure how they would react if time would freeze for an extended period only for them while the world and relationships continue to move forward and evolve. Solomon's narrative is unique in its ability to take an age-old mantra of love being tested and presenting it through the lens of medical phenomena.”
- The U.S. Review of Books
Under the Divi Tree is a romantic tale unlike any other, featuring a couple that is suddenly separated from one another due to an unsolvable medical mystery. Matthew and Carol are happily married college sweethearts without a care in the world. That is, until Matthew is stricken by a strange sleep disorder that leaves doctors perplexed and Carol fixated on bringing her husband back. When modern medicine fails to provide her with an answer, she meets with a doctor from India that gives her a diagnosis concerning the metaphysical that may just save his life. The book quickly gains momentum after Matthew is diagnosed, with perfectly pitched dialogue and increasingly engaging twists that further elevate the suspense in the book. Solomon’s writing is sublime, completely immersing readers in Matthew and Carol’s love story by using cleverly placed flashbacks and giving equal importance to the exploration of both Matthew and Carol’s innermost thoughts and feelings. Although the overarching theme of the book is love, it also demonstrates how quickly life can change and reminds us to avoid taking anything for granted. With a satisfying ending, this book will inevitably tug at readers’ heartstrings and be a story they thoroughly enjoy.
- Main Street Media


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About the Author
Michael Solomon Michael Solomon is a former NYPD Detective. He was assigned to the Organized Crime Control Bureau and the Intelligence Division. After his police career, he founded his own business.

In 2002 he retired and started writing. He is the recipient of the 2017 John E. Weaver Reader’s Choice Award, the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and Books and Authors 2016 winner as best new fiction writer, for his first novel, “The Conversion Prophecy.” Both his novels have been written for the Hollywood screen.



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