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False Medusa by Emma Aragon

False Medusa

by Emma Aragon

288 pages
When a new doctor begins practice at St. John's, a horrifying disease invades the hospital, striking down patients with its grotesque symptoms. Who or what is causing this disease? Is it a virus, or is it pure evil?

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Medical
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About the Book
When a new hematologist begins practice at St. John's, Dr. Roger Branford and the rest of the staff are happy to have him at the hospital. The new doctor has a fine reputation and is greatly admired.

However, not long after the new doctor arrives, a horrifying and grotesque disease begins to strike the patients. In an attempt to find the cause of the infection, doctors, scientists and even the police become involved. Is this a virus? Or could it be pure evil?

When the answer is finally found, it is shocking.


"I loved it, loved it! I am so looking forward to your next book!"
- Denni Arrup, RN, Endocopy Nurse, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Baltimore
"This is a real page turner. I stayed up all night reading it."
- Claire Jensen, Receptionist, Opthamology Clinic
"Kept me on edge. It's the fastest I've ever read a book."
- L.B., Freshman, Nebraska State, Lincoln


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About the Author
Emma Aragon Emma Aragon began writing stories as a child, filling her school notebooks with fantasy tales. As a young adult, her many short stories were published in romance magazines and religious journals. She is a published poet and is the winner of a prestigious award by the Southern Poetry Review.

This is the second novel in a planned trilogy.



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