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False Awakenings by Emma Aragon

False Awakenings

by Emma Aragon

354 pages
A surgeonís wife awakens from a terrifying dream warning her of awful things to come. Something terrible is happening to her body that not even scientists can diagnose. If the answer is found you will get a frightening glimpse into the future.

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Category: Fiction:Medical
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About the Book
Emily Branfordís perfect life as the wife of a prominent surgeon is suddenly changed when a terrifying dream awakens her to an even more terrible reality: something so dreadful is happening to her body that even the finest doctors and scientists cannot diagnose the cause of the symptoms.

A naturally shy, quiet woman, Emily gathers the strength to try and find the cause of something that may be killing her. Could someone deliberately be doing this to her? And if so, who is responsible? And why?

The answer, if it can be found, will give you a chilling glimpse into the future.


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About the Author
Emma Aragon has written since childhood, filling her school notebooks with fantasy stories of dramatic rescues and mythical beasts. As a young adult, she sold short stories and articles to romance magazines and religious journals. She is also a published poet who has won a prestigious award from The Southern Poetry Review. This is her first novel.



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