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The Right Choice by Patricia Gable

The Right Choice

by Patricia Gable

120 pages
A car accident derails Christopher's chance to be a pro basketball player. What can he do to turn his life around?

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Category: Children:Friendship
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About the Book
Christopher is the youngest and best basketball player on the Northland High team. Basketball is his life! When his world turns upside down, will he ever play again? Meanwhile, Annie and her little brother, Willie, are happy and secure, until a long-lost relative threatens to take them away from their adoptive mother. Will friends and family help to make the right choices?


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    Annie and Willie escape from their foster home on a snowy night. They walk to a small town with barely enough money for food. Where will they sleep? Can they trust the people they meet? Will they be able to stay together?


About the Author
This is the second book in The Right Series by Patricia Gable. After teaching for twenty-six years, she began writing short stories for children’s magazines, educational articles, and memoirs. Recently, she was featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Wonderful, Wacky Family. Currently living in Arizona, Patricia and her family have lived in Ohio, Michigan, and Chihuahua, Mexico.



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