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The Right Address by Patricia Gable

The Right Address

by Patricia Gable

124 pages
Annie and Willie escape from their foster home on a snowy night. They walk to a small town with barely enough money for food. Where will they sleep? Can they trust the people they meet? Will they be able to stay together?

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About the Book
Annie hears that her foster parents are going to send her little brother,Willie, to another foster home. She can't let that happen! She devises a plan for the two of them to run away in the middle of a wintry night. That's when the adventure begins!

Annie is the protective sister and Willie is bold and comical. They meet new friends and find places to sleep and eat. But how long can they last in the winter weather? And who is the strange man watching them?

When they are given a card with only an address written on it, will this be the break they need or will it spell disaster?


This book made me laugh and cry. Willie is comical and he softens the drama the children are going through. I'm sending it to my granddaughter.
- Andrea McDonald


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About the Author
Patricia, a former teacher, has written over 300 educational articles, short stories, essays, and memoirs. The Right Address is her first novel. She currently lives with her family in Arizona. They have also lived in Ohio, Michigan and Chihuahua, Mexico.



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