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Gymnastics: A Guide for Parents and Athletes by Rik Feeney

Gymnastics: A Guide for Parents and Athletes

by Rik Feeney

179 pages
Gymnastics: A Guide for Parents and Athletes is the book for any gymnastics enthusiast. It answers all the most important questions parents will have to make sure their child has a safe and enjoyable experience.

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About the Book
Cartwheels across the sofa, swinging from the hall banister, balancing perfectly on top of the neighbor's porch railing? Is the next Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, or Vanessa Atler a member of your family?

Could your child be a future member of the next Magnificent 7? She could be, but how do you find the right program to develop your budding gymnast's abilities.

What does it take to be a champion? The information in this book will answer all your questions or point you toward the appropriate reference.

The sport of gymnastics can help your child become a champion in more ways than just making the Olympic team. Gymnastics is an excellent gateway sport that can lead your child down many paths from recreational gymnast to competitor. In addition, gymnastics will develop physical skills and abilities that give your child an advantage in other activities like cheerleading, dance, diving, or ice skating. Young male gymnasts will leap ahead of their friends athletically from their involvement in this sport.

Whether you choose the Olympic Gold or the always-welcome College green (scholarships), the sport of gymnastics will help your child develop physical agility and corresponding levels of self-esteem.

Rik Feeney, a former gymnast, club owner, and gymnastics coach with experience coaching in the U.S., Australia, and Bermuda guides the beginning parent and athlete through every stage of a gymnast's career providing the information needed to fully appreciate and enjoy the sport of gymnastics.


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About the Author
Rik Feeney Rik Feeney has been involved with the sport of gymnastics for more than twenty years. A competitive gymnast through high school, Rik was also a member of the Temple University gymnastics team. He has coached young gymnasts and owned gymnastics clubs for several years. Rik has written several articles on the sport of gymnastics which have appeared in "Technique," "USA Gymnastics," and "International Gymnast." He is also the author of several books on the sport of gymnastics and the business of gymnastics, including "Gymnastics: A Guide for Parents and Athletes." Rik is available to do business consultations by phone or in person at your gymnastics facility.



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