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Poetry To Ponder: Spread the News! - There's a Reason for Singing by Joy Walker

Poetry To Ponder: Spread the News! - There's a Reason for Singing

by Joy Walker

144 pages
This poetic retelling of the Christmas story reminds us that Jesus’ birth fulfills God’s promised deliverance from sin’s bondage as we seek to follow His heart. You will be inspired to live with joy and integrity despite the current chaos.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
This retelling of the Christmas story, through poetry and biblical references, inspires thoughtful meditation and joyful singing. Several poems can be sung to the tune of well-known Christmas carols and other songs. Reflections on the reason for Jesus’ birth remind us that we can still have hope for our broken world.

The opening theme is the birth of Jesus, a miraculous display of God’s love for us celebrated at Christmas. However, Christmas is only the beginning. What follows His birth is even more astounding and life-transforming.

The first part of the book resounds with joy and celebration at this phenomenal love-gift sent to us by a holy and loving God seeking to reconnect with his lost sheep. The celebration is not just because of His birth, but because He was born to die for mankind’s redemption from sin’s bondage. What is more praiseworthy is His resurrection, the foundation of the Christian faith. Because Jesus is alive, His power and light will always outshine the darkness. This is clearly a reason for singing.

With the life of Jesus as our example, the remaining poems cover various aspects of Christian living: forgiveness, righteousness, justice, compassion for our neighbor and resisting temptation. Some poems cover controversial issues like the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage. They remind us that we are in a spiritual battle and must daily make choices between good and evil. We are exhorted to love God and obey His precepts in order to flourish. Loving and caring for each other are some of the daily choices we must make. Without that, our human society sinks into chaos.

While the explosion of evil around us is frightening, we also struggle with our own personal weaknesses and failures and need reminders that Jesus will meet us in those struggles. Several of the poems are prayers from a burdened heart wrestling with the enticement of sin and the need to receive or grant forgiveness. Some are the expressions of grief and pain in moments of despair so common to mankind. Other poems are songs of praise and thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness in delivering from trials of various kinds.

The book ends with poems of victory in anticipation of Jesus’ triumphant return to fulfill His promise to abolish sin and suffering. It is a time of rejoicing for those who love Him, but a time of fear and trembling for those who do not. The goal of this book is to point people to the God who sees all and who does not desire anyone to perish. His mercy is extended to all who would receive it.

The biblical references that follow the poems will challenge the reader to a deeper dive into the very words of God to glean strength, wisdom and courage for daily living. These poems are meant to serve as a springboard to that end, and there is something here for everyone and for every season.


“…beautifully crafted…inspirational, riveting and thought-provoking…There is something…for everyone. Whether you are looking for a fresh view of the Christmas story carefully supported by Scripture and penned to the tune of familiar Christmas carols or something with an island vibe…”
- Rev. Utibe Offiong, Associate Pastor, St. Paul’s AME Church, Cambridge, MA
“Joy’s refreshingly honest and vulnerable poetry invites you to a journey of faith framed by the Christmas story.… the healing love of ‘God With Us’ in these poems will radiate and generate in you joy and hope…”
- Mark Saucy, Professor of Theology, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University
“Our poet makes the point that the Christ-child grew up to become our SAVIOUR–the real reason for His entry into our world, a place that has become …uncaring and destructive …our SAVIOUR is the only one who can right the wrongs …”
- Clyde Edwards, CEO of FLOCK JAMAICA
“Poetry To Ponder: Spread The News!-There's A Reason for Singing by Joy Walker is a thought-provoking and heartwarming collection of poems, songs, prayers, and descriptions that provide a unique perspective on the Christmas season. This book serves as a personal devotion and spiritual revival and encourages readers to examine themselves and their relationship with God. Through the story of Christmas and the birth of Christ, readers will find that they are forming a deeper relationship with God. With a touch of vulnerability and personal stories, Walker's poems capture the essence of humanity in all its frailty and need of a savior.

I found this book to be uplifting and a joy to read. Walker is proud of her faith, and her collection will be a great encouragement for those who are looking to walk in the confidence of their beliefs and convictions. Her contemporary writing style makes the story of Christmas fresh and fascinating, and her empathy and understanding will resonate with readers who may feel otherwise.

Poetry To Ponder is a treasure to read, providing many meditative readings for individuals seeking personal devotion, revival, and spiritual artistry. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow in faith, hope, devotion, understanding, humility, boldness, and love. While this collection would be especially moving when read during the anticipation of the Christmas season, it can be read at any time and still provoke a stirring of the heart."
- Karen Almeida, Literary Titan Assistant Editor
“With an author and poet whose first name is Joy, how could her written works ever be negative? Her topics combine with her beautiful writing to capture her loyal readers as well as those new to her literary wonders to keep them focused and directed from page one to page last.

As a college writing professor, I have read hundreds of thousands of words…Joy Walker, in her latest work, Poetry to Ponder, Spread the News, rises to a new level with her deep Christian faith and her unique expressive poetry… I only marvel at how she can use the English language to express what others attempt to do and often fail… Read the pages of Joy's latest book. It would make a great present to someone who needs a new favorite writer who not only beat cancer but continues to live positively and creatively, helping others to believe and succeed as she shares her unique perspective.”
- Julie Davey, Professor Emeritus, Fullerton College
“…This book is amazing! …You are a gifted & talented writer. I look forward to reading a few poems plus the Bible verses little by little. …I am so glad I bought your book.”
- Carole Abernathy
“I have been impressed by Joy's book of poems, by the way she brings out in us the importance of what God desires us to be as people towards our neighbor, by using the gifts that He has given us. She intermixes in amazing ways, every aspect of life of each of us on earth, from birth to death and heaven. Joy uses scripture in a powerful way for every circumstance. I loved reading the book, and recommend it to all!”
- Maria Hill, Greek Bible College
“Having read a little more than half of your book, it gets five stars from me… a very creative and heartfelt book, not only the poetry, but the use of scripture and your added delightful use of humor throughout. A remarkable piece of work!”
- Sheila Hyatt


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About the Author
Joy Walker Joy Walker emigrated from Jamaica to the United States in 1970, seeking a diagnosis for her failing vision. Now a legally blind grandmother and a 26-year cancer survivor, Joy volunteers as a survivor speaker and poet. She also plays piano and accordion by ear and is involved in her local church.



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