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Poetry to Ponder: Good News! by Joy Walker

Poetry to Ponder: Good News!

by Joy Walker

90 pages
Poetry to Ponder: Good News! is a collection of poems reflecting the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. It offers meaning and hope to both believers and skeptics in the face of life’s perplexities. Themes include creation, the nature of God, nature of man, the sin problem, salvation through Jesus and His return as King and Judge of mankind.

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About the Book
Poetry to Ponder: Good News! is a collection of poems reflecting the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. It offers meaning and hope to both believers and skeptics in the face of life’s perplexities. Themes include creation, the nature of God, the nature of man, the sin problem, salvation through Jesus and His return as King and Judge of mankind.

The overarching message of this collection will bolster the faith of the believer while answering some of the skeptic’s questions: Is the God of the Bible the only true God? If God created everything, why did He create evil? If God is good, why does He allow injustice and suffering? How can a loving God send people to hell? Why do I need a savior? Who is Jesus and why did He die? Did the resurrection really happen? Is Jesus the only way to God? Will God accept me if I live a good life? Where will I go after death? What must I do to be saved? When will all this suffering end?

Powerful in its simplicity, rhythmic and captivating in its cadence, each poem is followed by relevant quotations from the Bible that enhance the message of the poem. Altogether, they present a cohesive narrative beginning with creation and ending with the promised return of Jesus Christ.

The opening poem describes the Sovereign God at work in creating a beautiful and unblemished world. We are reminded that He requires our allegiance and that we have a responsibility to love and serve Him. There is a depiction of the fall of man when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, bequeathing the sin nature to the rest of us. That act disrupted their relationship with the Creator and with each other, and spoiled the beauty and harmony of creation. Despite their rebellion against His authority, God promised to eventually restore all that is broken.

We see God’s love in action as He enters our misery, humbling Himself in the form of the man, Jesus, who suffered and died to procure our forgiveness. He promises to walk with us in our brokenness and through our storms. He offers His peace for the journey, and guarantees His imminent return to remove those who love Him from this present darkness. The final poem is a cry for Christ’s return that will bring relief from the burden of sin for His followers. It ends in triumphant assurance of God’s promise to establish a new creation ruled by love, peace and justice, a kingdom where joy abounds.

In a world filled with turmoil, fear, uncertainty and heartache, many are losing hope and some, sadly, have abandoned all hope. This book is a rallying cry: All is not lost. The Sovereign God is still in control. Although trouble is inevitable, He is working all things together for the good of those who love Him. There is still good news! These creative expressions of life-transforming truths, as they reflect the divine light of spiritual hope for the human condition, will resonate with the reader.


“…Joy’s ability to raise a reader’s spirit up from the depths of doubt with the promises of Jesus Christ generates a guiding light for anyone who experiences her words… Enrich your life in your own home with Joy's…musical poetry”
- Julie Davey, author Journalism Professor Emeritus, Fullerton College
“…a treasure trove of truth and wisdom…These poems will prove to be a positive help in your soul-searching…Even more importantly, meditate on the verses from the Bible that Joy includes…. They are timely and timeless.”
- Greg H. Parsons PhD. Religious Studies; Director of Global Connections, Frontier Ventures
“…an excellent resource for anyone seeking answers to their questions… Joy combines enormous biblical truths with personal life experiences to offer hope for the hurting heart.… As a certified Biblical Counselor, I recommend this book.”
- Diane Acosta, Director of Children’s Ministries, MABC, ACBC Certified
“Joy Walker’s Poetry to Ponder: Good News! is a remarkable collection of over thirty poems that offer a unique perspective on the human experience contextualized by religion. The anthology begins with a comprehensive summary of the Christian Bible, making it accessible to readers of all faiths. It welcomes them into exploring life’s deeper literary and lifelong themes of loss, worry, and hope.

Even as a non-religious reader, I found Walker’s heartfelt inclusion of Christianity moving in a way no other book has accomplished. Moreover, the poems’ themes are complemented and enhanced by quotes after each poem, which further illustrate the biblical stories of Moses, Jewish people, and the Holy Trinity, inspiring the reader to live a pure and happy life.

Poetry to Ponder: Good News! It is a compelling and memorable read, regardless of what the reader believes, and opens their eyes to the message of God. The beauty and mystery of each poem offer a fresh perspective on life and the obstacles we must all overcome. As an avid reader of poetry, I have been moved by the works of greats such as Dickinson, Poe, and Plath, who have shaped my current appreciation for the drama, intensity, and vehemence rarely captured in long-form prose like novels. I found these poems exceeded my expectations, for these same elements and emotional draw are portrayed in Walker’s poetry. While the brevity of each poem might have, at times, romanticized the motif of personal struggle, I believe that this minor issue does not detract from the overall intricacy and beauty of the collection.

Poetry to Ponder: Good News! is a short but intricate collection that I would gladly reread without hesitation. Joy Walker’s poetry speaks to the heart and soul, offering insight and inspiration that transcends religious boundaries. This anthology is a testament to the power of words to uplift and encourage, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of life’s joys and struggles.”
- Literary Titan


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About the Author
Joy Walker immigrated from Jamaica to America as a young girl seeking a diagnosis for failing vision. Now 72, this legally blind mother and grandmother continues to inspire others through her uplifting poetry.

A 24-year cancer survivor, Joy lives in Southern California and volunteers as a survivor speaker and poet.



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