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LESSONS FROM THE CAVE and others after leaving the cave by Dick Dorworth

LESSONS FROM THE CAVE and others after leaving the cave

by Dick Dorworth

196 pages
This book contains 29 essays and one poem inspired by the author's life of skiing, climbing and wandering in the mountains of the world. He is very grateful for the beauty and lessons of that path, and very disturbed by the changes he sees.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Lessons From The Cave is an autobiographical book of essays and a poem written over several years about the author's life as a skier, climber, writer and wanderer through the mountains of the world. It was published when the author was 83 years old and reflects those life experiences through lenses of gratitude, regret, pain, joy, fear, disappointment, determination (and lapses of will), lessons learned and not learned, loneliness and love.
The author intends the book to be a dharma lesson for the reader, as his life itself and the experience of writing and publishing the book have been to him.


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About the Author
Passionate about mountains, skiing and the written word as a path in life, Dick Dorworth has published seven books. He graduated from the University of Nevada in Reno and has lived mostly in the mountains of the world. Dorworth lives in Bozeman, Montana.



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