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WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And Other Buddha's Dharma Dances by Dick Dorworth

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And Other Buddha's Dharma Dances

by Dick Dorworth

132 pages
This book is filled with perspectives of what it means to be a modern engaged Buddhist in the 21st century, encouraging and hopefully helping the world to walk the Eightfold Noble Path.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
The title “What Are You Doing” is designed to encourage readers to ask that question of themselves in the context of being compassionate (Buddhist) citizens in the modern world of global warming, human over-population, environmental disintegration, species extinction, perpetual war, the military-industrial complex, social and species inequality and other challenges to the well-being of the Sangha of life on Earth. The personal qualities of kindness and compassion developed by Buddhist practice are in themselves a beneficial influence in the larger world. When consciously applied by engaged Buddhism they become an intellectual, social, environmental, spiritual and even political force for change.

Five of the essays, including the title one, are about my personal journey towards, and then along the path, including finding my first Buddha as an inebriated teenager, being introduced to and exploring the answers to the title question and then consciously integrating them into the experiences of my everyday life.

Two of the essays are book reviews, both books involving the influence of Gary Snyder and his significant influence on the growth of Buddhism in America and its consequent impact on the larger culture.

The other essays and one haiku are a wide variety of perceptions, experiences, questions and old and some new stories of master’s lessons for the world of Buddhist practitioners and, one hopes, for non-Buddhists. The success of “What Are You Doing?” will be measured in number of people who are inspired to keep that question in mind after reading it, and, of course, their answers.


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About the Author
Dick Dorworth Since 1990 Dick Dorworth has been a Soto Zen practitioner, receiving lay ordination through jukai in 1992. He currently practices with the Zen group at the Bozeman, Montana Dharma Center, led by teacher Karen DeCotis. "What Are You Doing and Other Buddha’s Dharma Dances" is his second book published by Booklocker. His other books can be found at Western Eye Press.



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