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Chasing Clouds by Emily Ashcroft,  Illustrations by Cindy Sonians

Chasing Clouds

by Emily Ashcroft, Illustrations by Cindy Sonians

32 pages
Willow’s afternoon of watching clouds and seeing the animal shapes they take, leads to an adventure to learn how this happens.

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Category: Fiction:Children
About the Book
On a sunny summer afternoon, Willow, our young adventurer, watches the beautiful clouds as they drift across the bright blue sky. As she watches, they begin to take shapes. First, there is a puppy, then a horse, then a kitten and more. Inspired by the animals as each one passes by; she decides she must know where they come from and how they are made. Fueled by her desire to learn, she sets off on a grand adventure to find the answers. At the end of her trek, she arrives at an amazing town and meets the people there, who not only make the clouds, but are willing to share their secrets, helping make memories to last forever.


“A grand adventure for young readers to follow. Amazing illustrations and enticing storyline”
- Deb Marks - Associate Professor Children’s Studies – Prescott Teacher’s College
“A perfectly enticing story as the young adventurer sets out on a journey of discovery. Carefully crafted storyline with colorful characters and brilliant illustrations adding to the tale.”
- La Rae Brown - Ed.S. Children’s Speech Pathologist, LSLP/CCC
“Who hasn’t looked up the clouds and found a puppy or a horse or other animal amongst the white puffiness, then and wonder ‘How does that happen?’. Follow along as one young intrepid explorer looks for the answers and finds them after an amazing adventure.”
- Donna Rivera – Grandview Early Childhood Development Center


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About the Author
Emily grew up in the mid-west during a simpler time before the internet and video games. Her primary source of entertainment came from books, and she became an avid reader. Her earliest picture books inspired her vivid imagination leading her to become a storyteller and author.



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