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My Special Circus by Emily Ashcroft, Illustrationed by Maria Marium

My Special Circus

by Emily Ashcroft, Illustrationed by Maria Marium

30 pages
My Special Circus is an exciting and captivating story of a young girl's fantasy circus coming to life, creating lifelong memories, just for her.

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Category: Fiction:Juvenile
About the Book
My Special Circus is the story of a young girl who is enjoying a warm and sunny afternoon with nothing special to do.

As she looks out over the yard and into the woods, her mind starts to wander and her imagination takes over.

What happens next, fills her day with wonderment and excitement as a very Special Circus play out just for her, creating memories to last a lifetime.


“Delightful and charming. This little book is fantastic for speech and language development. The amazing illustrations, sounds and words, promote auditory and visual interest. Perfect for young readers.”
- LaRae Brown, Ed.S. Speech Pathologist, LSLP/CCC
“With bold colors, a circus-y font, and a story told in rhyme, My Special Circus invites children to share one child’s memory of an exciting day spent under the big top. Children who accept the invitation will be greeted by a colorful cast of characters.”
- Resa Matlock, Early Childhood Educator
“Escape to the circus and let your imagination run wild. Every child can find their special spot under the bigtop.”
- Kristy Gordon Ph.D. Sociologist, Educator & Entrepreneur


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About the Author
Emily grew up in the Mid-west during a simpler time before the internet and video games. Her primary source of entertainment came from books and she became an avid reader. Her earliest picture books inspired her vivid imagination leading her to become a story teller and author.



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